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372May 22, 2022Mary Ann

This is unnecessary. A player should be mindful of their own safety when going back to retrieve a ball. I teach pickleball and tell my students to NEVER backpedal when going back for a lob, as ANY responsible teacher will do. I teach them to turn and run forward to the back of the court, never run backwards. There is PLENTY of time to retrieve a lob in most circumstances. The lob is a powerful and useful tool of strategic play and should no way be curtailed. There is a purpose to hitting a lob at the right time - to get your opponent's back on defense and out of an offensive position. That's what team sports are all about. If you want to ban it during rec play that's fine, but in tournaments you should be able to use all the tools at your disposal at any time during a game. That's competition.

372June 8, 2022William

I consider a defensive lob as important a part of my game as my soft game. I work on both daily. We have been told many times not to back up to return a lob. Refereeing with a rule like this would be very very difficult.

372June 8, 2022Tom

I disagree with this proposed rule change. It would change the nature of the game and take away a valuable weapon from players who use lobs to their advantage. If a player were to fall while attempting to track down a lob, it would most likely be from poor footwork on their part. Besides learning proper footwork, we should know our own bodies and know when to "go for it," and know when to say, "good shot!"

372June 11, 2022Chuck

This is totally unnecessary. It seems that someone is whining about a situation that affects them personally not the entire Pickleball community. As others have stated, "A player should be mindful of their own safety when going back to retrieve a ball."

372June 29, 2022DARIN

Seriously? Why is this even a consideration. It applies to .0001% of players. How would you define a lob anyway? No quality tournament operators would ever enforce this pointless rule.

372July 7, 2022Julia

This rule change should NOT be considered.

372July 11, 2022Mark

This is ridiculous!

372July 11, 2022Michelle

You're giving even more of an advantage to the receiving team. They should beat the serving team up to the line, but if the serving team lobs over them because they got up there so quickly, you're going to punish the serving team for a great shot.

372July 13, 2022Scott

While I agree with the sentiment, it's already difficult to count, in game, which bounce it is. Applying too many rules to this particular bounce or that particular bounce becomes unworkable/unplayable. But, yes, I've heard of many injuries from backpeddling and falling and getting hurt.

372July 14, 2022Tony

This is an unnecessary rule and would be subjective in enforcement. It isn't possible to restrict about types at various times in play.

372July 15, 2022Sam

No. Just no! Start with the definition of a lob being problematic. Also, as the person proposing the rule notes, these are rare occurrences (lobs on 3rd or 4th shot). Also, it sounds like the proposer of the rule just wants to eliminate a strategy. As noted in the correspondence: why stop with the 4th shot? If safety is the concern, a lob is more likely to occur later in a rally.
The notion that "lobsters" will have to adapt their game shows a gross arrogance that there is one way to play.

372July 19, 2022John

Ya know, if we outlaw every type of shot, no player would ever get hurt. Because there would be no players.

372July 23, 2022Mike

Do not eliminate the lob on the 3rd shot or anytime. Shall we eliminate the overhead smash when two the opponents are both at the net for safety sake? Don’t make Pickleball complicated. The lob is a great shot if I can be successfully executed

372July 27, 2022Tim

Please do not make this rule change! I'm sorry, but this suggestion is just insanely stupid. First, how can players or referees objectively decide whether a shot is a lob or just a high and soft drive? Second, it takes away some strategy from the game and simply allows those who want to/can rush the net to wantonly do so. Lobbing is the only way to slow them down. If a player is afraid of being being lobbed (for whatever reason), they should simply not come to the net overly quickly and/or play a little further back from the net.

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