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1774NewHitting above the shoulder (neck or head) is a FaultView Details
166113.D.1.dHow Faults Calls other than Service Foot Faults “SFF” or NVZ Foot Faults are Handled during playView Details
15323.A.22.Include mini-singles in NVZ definition.View Details
14914.B.7Incorrect Receiver Poaches the Return of ServeView Details
18454.B.9.aIncorrect Server and Receiver FaultsView Details
18147.HIntentional handball or handleballView Details
17792024Let serve returnable by the non-receiving opponent.View Details
143112.CLimit Each Game's Score Regardless of the Point Differential.View Details
17263.A.19.Line CallView Details
156313.F.3Line Call AppealView Details
16566.C.8Line call appealsView Details
17353.A.19Line Call Definition ClarityView Details
17662.b.4Lines denoting Serving areaView Details
1383n/aMandatory Eye ProtectionView Details
147712.F.2.Medical Time-OutView Details
174413.D.1.*Move Section 13.D.1.x out of Section 13 ("Tournament Play") and INTO the main part of the rulebookView Details
14704.A.3.Nasty NelsonView Details
14622.C.5Net Height and ToleranceView Details
16462.C.2Net postsView Details
152811.K.Net Posts.Net posts are permanent objectsView Details
136813.D.1.c.Non-volley zone and service foot faults in non-officiated matchesView Details
18394.C, 4.C.1, 4.C.2Not Ready SignalsView Details
181712.O.3NVZ definition for mini-singlesView Details
136411.N.One PaddleView Details
155911.NOne Paddle Rule ClarificationView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails