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183613.D.1.a.13.D.1.a. Player calling fault on themselvesView Details
141013.G.3.c.13.G.3.c.View Details
16712.G.2.G. Apparel.View Details
15554.A.54.A.5 The ServeView Details
14534.A.54.A.5 the serveView Details
1686N/A4.L Service Foot FaultsView Details
18374.N.4.N.3. Fault if serve return goes into the net or out of boundsView Details
16926.C.12.6.C.12. rewordingView Details
18426.C.5.6.C.5. Requesting that Opponent make a line callView Details
14926.C.7, 6.C.8, 6.C.96.C.7 "Out" Calls ClarificationView Details
15993.A.3, 13.G.1.jA More Fair Approach to CoachingView Details
136312.H.1. AActual game scores at the time of retirementView Details
1787n/aAdditional Time-Out Awarded at "Overtime"View Details
16672.E.5.c.Allow Autographs on PaddlesView Details
1341New rule 13.G.4Allow TD to assess VW/TW/TF for behavior between matches.View Details
174313.G.3.e.Assessment of Penalties at the End of a MatchView Details
155810.B.5 and 10.H.2.cBlood and Foreign Substance ResponsibilitiesView Details
14336.C.11.Calls of "Out" can ONLY be used when a ball lands outside of the Playing Surface and ends the Point.View Details
13704.B.8.Challenge/confirm the called score before the serve occursView Details
14825.B.3. - 5.B.9.Change End Section (5.B.)View Details
17343.A.21Change Momentum DefinitionView Details
16166.C.6.Clarification of 6.C.6. application to short servesView Details
148412.C.4Clarification of round robin tiebreaker processView Details
139113.D.1.bClarification of what play scenarios are included in "Line Calls"View Details
17986.C.6Clarify 6.C.6 as applying to sideline and baselineView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails