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 ID Rule Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteDetails
102410.B.210.B.2.a. Medical Time Out make rule consistent with Handbook and Case BookPassedPassed with modificationView Details
104013.G.2.a.13.G.2.a. Paddle ThrowFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
9413.A.183.A.18 Line CallFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
9846.D.12.6.D.12. Who on officiating team can a player overrule a line call to their own disadvantage.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
11902.G.1Acceptable Court AttireWithdrawnView Details
105512.A.Add Mini-Singles as Sanctioned Event CategoryPassedPassed with modificationView Details
92513.G.1.j.Allow coachingFailedPassed with modificationView Details
89113.E.5Allow team to cede a rally after overruling a line judges call to their detriment if they felt the shot was a clear winner and they had no play on the ballPassedPassed with modificationView Details
971PreambleAllowed modifications for Pro-level matchesFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
10154.B.8Am I the correct receiver?Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
9546d5Appeal of rally ending shotFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
9606.D.8Appeal to an opponent's partner when there is no refereeFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
1165NONEBall ColorFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
9634.GBonus Points:Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
8886.D.7Calling a ball out. Changing rule from passive to active voiceFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
11304.KChallenging a Correct Score CallPassedPassed with modificationView Details
11162.B.3.Change Non Volley Zone size to 8ftFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
10534.A.7.c.Change Rule 4.A.7.c for Proper Volley Serve From Waist to Hip JointFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
113510.A.3.Change time players are allowed to call time out to eliminate gamesmanship.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
12125.A.1Clarification of Defer Selection for First ChoiceFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
102011.K and 11.LClarification of Net Post & Net Wire In/Out of Bounds (Rules 11.K and 11.L)PassedPassed with modificationView Details
10216.D.9Clarification of Rule 6.D.9. Out CallsPassedPassed with modificationView Details
119813.C.2.a.Clarification of spectator participation on callsFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
11663.A.29Clarify "Receiver" for purpose of "Incorrect Receiver"Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
100013.5Clarify time limit for appeals to the refereeFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteDetails