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USAP Board Vote ReasonFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonFailed. The committee wants the Head Referee to be able have this right, to allow an appeal to be rescinded. Players should also be able to change their mind quickly about their appeal.
Existing Rule #13J
Proposed Rule Change

I would like rule change to specify that once a player calls for the head referee they lose their right to rescind their challenge. Like if the head referee tells the player what the consequences are if the do challenge and then the player says no I won’t challenge. If this is not in the rules then the player could rescind any challenge once the head referee gets called.

Original Rule Text

if a player disagrees with a referee’s ruling or decision, that player may challenge the referees decision by asking for the head referee or the TD. If the referees ruling is determined to be correct, the player or team will lose a time out and be given a technical warning.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

This happened in a tournament where a player in a single’s game was giving a technical foul for hitting a ball out of the court for a call made on him they he didn’t like. The out come if the head referee says yes the referee make the right call would have been a match forfeit because of the TW and 3 Strikes. In this case the player I believe was given special consideration because it was on  center court and being videotaped.

Rule Book Year2023
Rule Change ID323
Date CreatedApril 20, 2022
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