Rule Submission TitleUse of the word "OUT" during a volley
USAP Board Vote ReasonFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonFailed. Well known player communication. What other 'out' variations would also be prevented?
Existing Rule #6.D.1.1
Proposed Rule Change

While the ball is in the air, if a player yells “out,” (whether or not the ball is in the air or has already landed) play stops but if the ball lands IN then the team that incorrectly called OUT loses the volley.    Players may yell anyother word(s) to communicate to their partner that they believe the ball may be out (e.g. no,” “bounce it,..etc) ” .

Original Rule Text

While the ball is in the air, if a player yells “out,” “no,” “bounce it,” or any other words to communicate to their partner that the ball may be out, it shall be considered player communication only and not considered a line call.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Hearing your opponents call OUT causing you to relax and then if it does land IN and they hit a hard return, it is sometimes difficult to make a decent return since you had already thought the volley was over due to the initial OUT call.     Any other words used  besides OUT does not cause the opposing team to relax or believe the point is over. It's similar to calling "BALL" but then continuing the play since the offending ball ended up not rolling onto the court.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Any time an a team calls OUT after an opponents hits their shot.

Rule Book Year2023
Rule Change ID277
Date CreatedFebruary 7, 2022
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