Rule Submission TitleHead Targeting
USAP Board Vote ReasonFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonFailed. This is part of the game. Wear protection. Difficult to enforce.
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Proposed Rule Change

“Tagging Above the Shoulders:
Body contact with the ball above the shoulders is not allowed because of safety concerns. If the ball contacts the body above the shoulders during a rally, a fault will be called against the team/player who hit the ball even it was not intentional.”

Original Rule Text


Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

This rule is needed to reduce/prevent eye injury. Tagging a player is acceptable and there is minimal injury risk. It can be uncomfortable especially in the groin area but not life altering. Above the shoulders should be off limits because of the chance of serious injury to the eye and in some cases possible concussion. The rule should be applied to unintentional contact as well as intentional contact. I don’t target a persons head but I have been guilty of unintentionally hitting some one in the head. It was an errant shot and I always stop play, check for injury and apologize. I should have been penalized. It would have been a good reminder that if you are going to target some one then you should be very careful about where you hit them. If you do hit someone in the head its only a fault, but it brings attention to a safety issue. No one wants to live with the guilt of causing someone to lose an eye.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

intentional and unintentional

Rule Book Year2023
Rule Change ID275
Date CreatedJanuary 13, 2022
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