Rule Submission TitleScoring change to rally
Existing Rule #4.F.
Proposed Rule Change (edited)

Scoring should change to rally scoring to 21 by 2 or 30 if score is tied 29-29. Pickleball has borrowed so much from badminton it is time to follow this change. We have eliminated the let like badminton. It makes very long rallies over by 30. Only one person serves per "inning" of service so doubles partners have to remember where they are according to their "odd" or "even" court. When this happened to badminton we thought we would hate it, but it has become well liked. Spending so much time with no one scoring really drags the game on.

Proposed Rule Change

Scoring.  A singles player or doubles team scores a point when the other team commits a fault.

Original Rule Text

Scoring.  A singles player or doubles team scores points only when serving.  Points may also be scored when technical fouls are called against the opposing side.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

The time drags on when no one scores a point during service making the games and matches go too long. We play rally scoring in our recreational play when we have too many people waiting to play and it has caught on quite nicely.  It did not take long for players to catch on.  As stated above badminton has been doing this for years and pickleball has borrowed much from the badminton rules and it seems logical to try this.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Tournamets with time constrictions could use this

Rule Book Year2022
Rule Change ID255
Date CreatedJuly 15, 2021
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