Rule Submission TitleClose Rules Gap for Case Book CASE 5-23: RESCINDING A REQUESTED MEDICAL TIME OUT
USAP Board VoteFailure Confirmed
USAP Rules Committee VoteFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonThis should remain as a Casebook item. However, it was determined that Case 5-23 is flawed and will be revised to reflect 1) that the referee should have no role in determining if it is safe for a player to resume play, and 2) that the player will still be charged with their medical time-out. Medical personnel, the Tournament Director and the player are the only ones who can determine if it is safe for a player to resume play. Players that call a medical time-out should be charged the time-out even if they later decide to resume play.
Existing Rule #No Existing Rule
Proposed Rule Change

10.B.6 Prior to medical personnel arriving at the court the player can request to resume play. If the referee determines that it is safe for the player to resume play per Rule 10.H.2.a., then play is resumed per Rule 10.A.5.  It is considered a Referee Time-out and neither a medical time-out, a regular time-out nor a penalty (technical warning or technical foul) is assessed against the player. 

Original Rule Text

No Current Rule

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

This proposed rules change closes the rules gap that is addressed by Casebook Case 5-23.  If accepted, Casebook Case 5-23 can be eliminated.

In addition, adding this rule prevents any controversy with the opposing team when the Referee follows this procedure upon the player requesting to resume play prior to medical personnel arriving at the court. 

Rule Book Year2024
Rule Change ID1101
Date CreatedApril 27, 2023
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