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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry
20241166Clarify "Receiver" for purpose of "Incorrect Receiver"View Details
20241175Referee authority to replace damaged ball.View Details
2024920Positioning during serveView Details
2024930Paddle Color in TournamentView Details
20241186Revision to 11.E. Broken or Cracked BallView Details
20241187Penalty for Failure to Give Best EffortView Details
20241190Acceptable Court AttireView Details
20249413.A.18 Line CallView Details
2024942Reinstate Let serveView Details
20241198Clarification of spectator participation on callsView Details
20241199Net SpecificationView Details
20241201New addition to section 13.F. Appeals.View Details
20241206Rule adjustments Non Sanctioned tournamentsView Details
2024954Appeal of rally ending shotView Details
20241210In Play/Live BallView Details
20241211Player Repositioning After Score CallView Details
20241212Clarification of Defer Selection for First ChoiceView Details
20241213Overriding Player Line CallsView Details
20241214Rally Scoring for Singles (and Doubles)View Details
20241215Player Stopping PlayView Details
2024960Appeal to an opponent's partner when there is no refereeView Details
2024963Bonus Points:View Details
2024970Drop Serve ClarificationView Details
2024971Allowed modifications for Pro-level matchesView Details
2024982Safety: make entering an adjacent court an explicit faultView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry