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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry
2022255Scoring change to rallyView Details
20229Carrying of extra ballsApprovedPassView Details
202214Edits to rule 5ApprovedPassView Details
202215Editorial ChangesApprovedPassView Details
202218Calling the wrong scoreApprovedPassView Details
202220Keep Drop Serve as-is. Remove Provisional statusApprovedPassView Details
202222Ball coming back to the other side of the netApprovedPassView Details
202224Serving team may also reposition during a rallyApprovedPassView Details
202226No headphones or earbudsApprovedPassView Details
202227Spins on servesApprovedPassView Details
202230Referee-called Medical timeoutApprovedPassView Details
202231Timing for VW/TW/TFApprovedPassView Details
202232Remove COVID/carry serveApprovedPassView Details
202233Fouls occurring during an end change.ApprovedPassView Details
202236Combine rules about player questions (4.B.8, 4.B.9)ApprovedPassView Details
202250Rulebook TOC and IndexApprovedPassView Details
202252Time In ProceduresApprovedPassView Details
202293Allow a verbal warning to be used for things other than profanity.ApprovedPassView Details
202297Retirement match scoringApprovedPassView Details
2023513Rally scoring option for singles and doublesFailedFailed. USAP not ready to incorporate this as a rule. A task force will be formed in 2023 to investigate the details of how to implement this.View Details
2023514Placement for mini-singlesFailedFailed. The mini singles information is already presented on the USAP website. There are other aspects of MS that would also need to be codified in the rulebook. So, this rule suggestion, as written, is not complete. The intent to create a more complete rule change suggestion for the 2024 rulebook.View Details
2023517Clean up wording of 4.B.6.B to properly differentiate among Starting Server and First Server and correct positionsFailedFailed. Although this may be marginally better wording, this is not a rule change. Most of the issues with people not understanding the rule result in having a discussion to help them understand the concept involved in the rule. The proposed change won't drastically reduce the potential confusion.View Details
2023518Late forfeited team also forfeits their chance at the coin toss/fair method.FailedFailed. This adds an additional penatly to the team that has already lost the first game. That is not necessary.View Details
2023266Remove determination of winner of rally for dead ball ruleFailedFailed. Unnecessary editView Details
2023273Alternate Serve / ScoringFailedFailed. Confusing proposal. Another rally scoring suggestion will be reviewedView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry