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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry
20241190Acceptable Court AttireView Details
20241212Clarification of Defer Selection for First ChoiceView Details
20241123Non-Officiated Rule Summary for Players and RefereesView Details
2024982Safety: make entering an adjacent court an explicit faultView Details
20241132Expand definition of ‘Two-Handed Shots’.View Details
20241101Close Rules Gap for Case Book CASE 5-23: RESCINDING A REQUESTED MEDICAL TIME OUTView Details
20241017Correct Pro Player Positions Before the ServeView Details
2024880Line call rule on serve. Editorial change for clarity.View Details
20241015Am I the correct receiver?View Details
20241016Remove correct receiver as one of the allowed questions.View Details
20241211Player Repositioning After Score CallView Details
2024879Receiver partner position restrictionView Details
2024874Include  "No-Show" as a reason for a forfeit.View Details
2024878Dropped BallView Details
2024104013.G.2.a. Paddle ThrowView Details
20241076No Game Three End Change When First Game Forfeited Due to Late ArrivalView Details
20249413.A.18 Line CallView Details
20241100Close Rules Gap for CASE 4-23: COIN FLIP TO DETERMINE MATCH WINNERView Details
20241201New addition to section 13.F. Appeals.View Details
2024930Paddle Color in TournamentView Details
2024942Reinstate Let serveView Details
20241122Eliminate contradiction between Rule 10.B and Rule 10.H.1. regarding when a Medical Time out can be takenView Details
20241199Net SpecificationView Details
20241077Following anywhere in the Rulebook where "Tournament Director" appears alone, amend to include "or designee"View Details
2024872Make the drop serve the only valid serve type.View Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry