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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry
2024881Overriding your own line callView Details
2024886Remove 'deliberately' from the wording of a carry fault.View Details
2024906Player must play with approved paddle.View Details
20241186Revision to 11.E. Broken or Cracked BallView Details
20241019Renumber Headings and Sub-Headings in Section 12.F.View Details
20241210In Play/Live BallView Details
2024970Drop Serve ClarificationView Details
20241004Player may use regular timeouts after a medical timeoutView Details
20241022Rule 8.C Clarification of Procedure when a Hinder is Called in Non-Officiated PlayView Details
20241130Challenging a Correct Score CallView Details
20241103Serving; Replay or FaultView Details
2024960Appeal to an opponent's partner when there is no refereeView Details
20241187Penalty for Failure to Give Best EffortView Details
20241096Medical timeout timer pause for transportView Details
20241116Change Non Volley Zone size to 8ftView Details
20241056Defining the end of a Time Out in an Non Refereed MatchView Details
2024991Restrict hand contact with ball to incidental contact with hands contacting the paddle handleView Details
20241021Clarification of Rule 6.D.9. Out CallsView Details
20241055Add Mini-Singles as Sanctioned Event CategoryView Details
20241053Change Rule 4.A.7.c for Proper Volley Serve From Waist to Hip JointView Details
20241206Rule adjustments Non Sanctioned tournamentsView Details
20241008Issuing a Technical Penalty at the End of a Match.View Details
2024876Wording for Medical Time-out Violation Assessment & TypoView Details
2023581Questions About Service Sequence and Player PositionsView Details
20229Carrying of extra ballsView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry