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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry
2022112Maintain Serving Order throughout GameView Details
20241018Make 13.D.1.c. and 13.D1.d. consistentView Details
2024872Make the drop serve the only valid serve type.View Details
2022140Medical RetirementView Details
202277Medical Time-out ChangeView Details
20241096Medical timeout timer pause for transportView Details
202221Model DesignationView Details
2023283Modification of Rule 9CView Details
202217Momentum definitionView Details
20241199Net SpecificationView Details
20241201New addition to section 13.F. Appeals.View Details
20241076No Game Three End Change When First Game Forfeited Due to Late ArrivalView Details
202226No headphones or earbudsView Details
20241123Non-Officiated Rule Summary for Players and RefereesView Details
2024896Officiating Team DefinitionView Details
2023369One-handed pre-spin servesView Details
2023291Ordinals to Report ServerView Details
2023561Out balls-partner communicationView Details
20241213Overriding Player Line CallsView Details
2024881Overriding your own line callView Details
2022127Paddle and Clothing ColorsView Details
2024930Paddle Color in TournamentView Details
20241089Paddle Inspection (Non-Officiated matches)View Details
2023346Paddle possessionView Details
2023495Paddle Use/CarryView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry