List of Suggested Pickleball Rule Changes For All Years

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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting Status IFP Voting StatusLink to Single Entry
2023320Serving Sequence in PickleballFailed. There are already expectations the server has to wait for the receiver to be ready and call the score so that they can hear. Also, that players will accommodate hearing impaired players. It is not appropriate to require this for all play.View Details
202224Serving team may also reposition during a rallyApprovedPassAverage: 7.3 Detail:7,1,10,10,5,10,8View Details
2023502Single Toss ServeFailed. We do not want to limit the number of serve attempts. Note that the spin serve will now be illegal.View Details
202225Singles boundariesNot voted uponFailAverage: 5.7 Detail:7,5,5,7,9,7,0View Details
2023439Smart watchesFailed. Difficult to enforce. Some people need them for medical reasons.View Details
2023286Something to the effect of better saying the score clearly, slowly, and loudly. . Also, a two second pause between the last number spoken and the beginning of the serve motion. Also the correction of the scoreFailed. Unnecessarily cumbersome. Overkill.View Details
202227Spins on servesApprovedPassAverage: 7.7 Detail:7,8,10,10,10,0,9View Details
2023497Swing attempts on the serve.Failed. A swing and a miss is not a fault. To obtrusive.View Details
2023389The "out" debacle and contradictionPassed 1) Passed last year by the rules committee but overridden by the boardView Details
2023572The GameFailed. Not needed because the referee duties are clearly defined in 13.C.View Details
2023254Tie Breaker Method RevampedTabled to hear committee resultView Details
202252Time In ProceduresApprovedPassAverage: 6.6 Detail:7,6,7,5,8,5,8View Details
2023540Time-outs for apparel changesPassedView Details
202231Timing for VW/TW/TFApprovedPassAverage: 8.6 Detail:7,10,10,10,4,10,9View Details
202296Treat equipment timeouts as referee timeoutsNot voted uponFailAverage: 0.9 Detail:1,0,0,0,5,0,0View Details
2023277Use of the word "OUT" during a volleyFailed. Well known player communication. What other 'out' variations would also be prevented?View Details
202291Use of unapproved paddleNot voted uponFailAverage: 8.6 Detail:7,8,10,10,8,10,7View Details
2023428Volley Serving rule to discard pleaseFailed. 1) We would want to see some type of study about the potential impact of allowing the paddle head to be above the wrist. 2) We have no evidence of how players might take advantage of removing this restriction. 3) Removing it would not significantly make a referee's job easier when trying to identify an invalid serveView Details
202229When TW/TFs can be issuedNot voted uponFailAverage: 8.9 Detail:7,10,10,10,6,10,9View Details
202282Withdrawal Scoring ChangeNot voted uponFailAverage: 0.1 Detail:1,0,0,0,0,0,0View Details
202213Wrist Below ElbowNot voted uponFailAverage: 1.3 Detail:1,0,1,0,7,0,0View Details
2023386Wrong Score CalledFailed: Reason: Move scenarios from the change document to the casebook.View Details
2023544Wrong score calledPassedView Details
2023550Wrong Score CalledFailed. See the approved changed under 544.View Details
202211Zero Zero StartNot voted uponFailAverage: 1.1 Detail:1,0,0,0,7,0,0View Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting Status IFP Voting StatusLink to Single Entry