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2023567Ambiguous wordingPassedPassed. Wording was modified by the rules committee.View Details
2023568All clothing colors are acceptableFailedFailed. See the approved suggestion 526.View Details
2023569Partner PositionsFailedFailed. This is not perceived to be a problem that needs a rule change to solve. Referees or players would not immediately call the score in this situation because the player is not seen to be ready.View Details
2023570Elimination of Shots around the net postFailedFailed. An ATP, along with the frequent defense of an ATP, are some of the most exciting shots in pickleball. The team who has to defend an ATP has often made strategic errors that set up the ATP for the opponent. Why should their opponent be restricted from making a great shot at that point?View Details
2023572The GameFailedFailed. Not needed because the referee duties are clearly defined in 13.C.View Details
2023320Serving Sequence in PickleballFailedFailed. There are already expectations the server has to wait for the receiver to be ready and call the score so that they can hear. Also, that players will accommodate hearing impaired players. It is not appropriate to require this for all play.View Details
2023323Rules InterpretationFailedFailed. The committee wants the Head Referee to be able have this right, to allow an appeal to be rescinded. Players should also be able to change their mind quickly about their appeal.View Details
2023324Appeals to refereeFailedFailed. The edit is redundant and attempts to address something that isn't an issueView Details
2023580clarification of Player Line and FAult Call Responsibilities in non-officiated playPassedPassed. We agree that the last sentence of the proposed 13.D.1.d is not necessary and should not be included.View Details
2023325Forfeit game scores for 3/5 matchesPassedPassed. This edit was overlooked when 3/5 matches were allowedView Details
2023581Questions About Service Sequence and Player PositionsPassedPartially approved. The 4.B.8 proposed wording is approved. The 4.B.9 proposed wording has failed. That proposed is unnecessarily wordy. There is not a perceived issue with dealling with these scenarios currently. Referees currently allow a stoppage of play when a player CORRECTLY identifies a player out of position or an incorrect server.View Details
2023326Hinder is not a noun and does not fit the definition in 3.A.15.FailedFailed. Technically this is grammatically correct, but there is no desire to attempt to change it.View Details
2023582Game Ball SelectionFailedFailed: Game ball selection is adequately covered in the referee handbook.View Details
2023334Replay Instead of Fault for Service Motion ViolationPassedPassed:View Details
2023336Scoring guidelines for 3/5 match remaining matchesPassedPassed. This edit was overlooked when 3/5 matches were allowedView Details
2023342Replace "below the wrist" with "excluding the wrist"FailedFailed. There isn't a problem with interpreting this ruleView Details
2023343Serve DefinitionPassedPassed Editorial changeView Details
2023346Paddle possessionFailedFailed. Unnecessary as it is already covered by other rulesView Details
2023347Player hit by ballPassedPassed. Editorial changeView Details
2023360Degraded but not cracked ballPassedPassed with editsView Details
2023361Court Dimensions for SinglesFailedFailed. Moot point now that mini-singles is available.View Details
2023367Indoor Ceiling heightFailed1) Where did 39 feet come from. 2) This is just recommendation, what happens if you can't meet it? 3) Rules out a lot of existing venues. 4) Failed. Recommended height (19ft) is already recommended in the USAP construction manual.View Details
2023369One-handed pre-spin servesFailedFailed: Replaced by rule suggestion 524View Details
2023371Remove Correct Receiver questionFailedFailed: This will be addressed in the handbook/casebook, allowing the referee to answer the position question when asked about the correct receiver.View Details
20233723rd and 4th shot RuleFailedFailed: 1) Unenforceable 2) Impractical to expect all players to have complete control over where their shot goes. 3) There are many trainers who teach effective, safe ways to respond to lobsView Details
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