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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry
2024982Safety: make entering an adjacent court an explicit faultFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20249846.D.12. Who on officiating team can a player overrule a line call to their own disadvantage.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2024985Enforce the end of timeouts strictly.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2024991Restrict hand contact with ball to incidental contact with hands contacting the paddle handleFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241000Clarify time limit for appeals to the refereeFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241004Player may use regular timeouts after a medical timeoutPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241008Issuing a Technical Penalty at the End of a Match.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241015Am I the correct receiver?Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241016Remove correct receiver as one of the allowed questions.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241018Make 13.D.1.c. and 13.D1.d. consistentFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241019Renumber Headings and Sub-Headings in Section 12.F.PassedPassedView Details
20241020Clarification of Net Post & Net Wire In/Out of Bounds (Rules 11.K and 11.L)PassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241021Clarification of Rule 6.D.9. Out CallsPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241022Rule 8.C Clarification of Procedure when a Hinder is Called in Non-Officiated PlayPassedPassedView Details
2022255Scoring change to rallyView Details
20241023Easily Visible Starting Server IdentificationFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20229Carrying of extra ballsView Details
202214Edits to rule 5View Details
202215Editorial ChangesView Details
202218Calling the wrong scoreView Details
202220Keep Drop Serve as-is. Remove Provisional statusView Details
202222Ball coming back to the other side of the netView Details
202224Serving team may also reposition during a rallyView Details
202226No headphones or earbudsView Details
202227Spins on servesView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry