List of Suggested USA Pickleball Rule Changes for 2023

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 Rule Book Year Existing Rule # Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry
2023Many513Rally scoring option for singles and doublesFailedFailed. USAP not ready to incorporate this as a rule. A task force will be formed in 2023 to investigate the details of how to implement this.View Details
20234.A.2514Placement for mini-singlesFailedFailed. The mini singles information is already presented on the USAP website. There are other aspects of MS that would also need to be codified in the rulebook. So, this rule suggestion, as written, is not complete. The intent to create a more complete rule change suggestion for the 2024 rulebook.View Details
20234.B.6.b517Clean up wording of 4.B.6.B to properly differentiate among Starting Server and First Server and correct positionsFailedFailed. Although this may be marginally better wording, this is not a rule change. Most of the issues with people not understanding the rule result in having a discussion to help them understand the concept involved in the rule. The proposed change won't drastically reduce the potential confusion.View Details
202313.4.H518Late forfeited team also forfeits their chance at the coin toss/fair method.FailedFailed. This adds an additional penatly to the team that has already lost the first game. That is not necessary.View Details
20238D,266Remove determination of winner of rally for dead ball ruleFailedFailed. Unnecessary editView Details
20234B273Alternate Serve / ScoringFailedFailed. Confusing proposal. Another rally scoring suggestion will be reviewedView Details
2023None275Head TargetingFailedFailed. This is part of the game. Wear protection. Difficult to enforce.View Details
20236.D.1.1277Use of the word "OUT" during a volleyFailedFailed. Well known player communication. What other 'out' variations would also be prevented?View Details
20234.B, 4.D, 4.M, 4.N536Eliminating Out of Position Faults and Minimizing Incorrect Score Call OccurencesFailedFailed. Part 1) Change referee score calling process: Failed. Too cumbersome Part 2) Allow the referee to change player positions: Failed. This is part of the mental game. Players may ask questions to help them not fault. It would be referee coaching. Part 3) Allow a good faith rally to stand. Failed. This would allow an incorrectly formatted rally ( server/receiver) to stand. The error would be a fault if the referee caught it, but not if they didnt? Part 4) Non - officiated match score calling procedure. Failed. Reason: The server is supposed to wait until the receiver is ready. Receivers have clear not-ready signals to slow down quick servers, if they get caught by one. Receivers can claim non-readiness.View Details
20236.d.9281Line Call RulesFailedFailed. The committed felt that this already an option for playersView Details
2023Rule 9C283Modification of Rule 9CFailedFailed. No. This an integral part of the game.View Details
20232.E.4. Weight. There is no restriction on paddle weight.285Restriction on weight of paddlesFailedFailed.View Details
2023In the area of 4.K Wrong Score Called. and 4 D. Calling the Score286Something to the effect of better saying the score clearly, slowly, and loudly. . Also, a two second pause between the last number spoken and the beginning of the serve motion. Also the correction of the scoreFailedFailed. Unnecessarily cumbersome. Overkill.View Details
20232.e.6545Carbon faced paddlesFailedFailed. The paddle testing standards are based on surface roughness, not on the paddle material. If the paddle meets the standards, it should be approved.View Details
20236.A.290All Lines InFailedFailed. Also, technically the way this is written would mean a ball hitting the NVZ sideline would be in.View Details
20234.J. Calling the Score in Doubles Matches.291Ordinals to Report ServerFailedFailed. We don't want to change rules for millions of existing players to accommodate new players. Beginners will eventually learn the specifics. Many players use 0-0-Start even today, with no consequence.View Details
20232.B. Lines and Areas292Center line in the NVZFailedFailed. We are fine with the temporary solution for mini-singles. Definitely would not want a dashed line.View Details
20234.K550Wrong Score CalledFailedFailed. See the approved changed under 544.View Details
20236.D.11.561Out balls-partner communicationFailedFailed. Reason same as 277.View Details
20232.G.1568All clothing colors are acceptableFailedFailed. See the approved suggestion 526.View Details
20234.B.7569Partner PositionsFailedFailed. This is not perceived to be a problem that needs a rule change to solve. Referees or players would not immediately call the score in this situation because the player is not seen to be ready.View Details
202311.M.570Elimination of Shots around the net postFailedFailed. An ATP, along with the frequent defense of an ATP, are some of the most exciting shots in pickleball. The team who has to defend an ATP has often made strategic errors that set up the ATP for the opponent. Why should their opponent be restricted from making a great shot at that point?View Details
2023Section 1572The GameFailedFailed. Not needed because the referee duties are clearly defined in 13.C.View Details
2023Serving Section 4A and 4C320Serving Sequence in PickleballFailedFailed. There are already expectations the server has to wait for the receiver to be ready and call the score so that they can hear. Also, that players will accommodate hearing impaired players. It is not appropriate to require this for all play.View Details
202313J323Rules InterpretationFailedFailed. The committee wants the Head Referee to be able have this right, to allow an appeal to be rescinded. Players should also be able to change their mind quickly about their appeal.View Details
 Rule Book Year Existing Rule # Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry