List of Suggested USA Pickleball Rule Changes for 2023

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 Rule Book Year Existing Rule # Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry
2023Unknown369One-handed pre-spin servesFailedFailed: Replaced by rule suggestion 524View Details
2023The Players Section on Page 1521Guidance on clothing colorPassedPassed. This doesn't add any additional punative result. This just clarifies that the Tournament Director can choose to request apparel changes due to the clothing matching the ball color. It also suggests to players that they should not intentionally choose clothing that is the same color as the tournament ball.View Details
2023Serving Section 4A and 4C320Serving Sequence in PickleballFailedFailed. There are already expectations the server has to wait for the receiver to be ready and call the score so that they can hear. Also, that players will accommodate hearing impaired players. It is not appropriate to require this for all play.View Details
2023Section 1572The GameFailedFailed. Not needed because the referee duties are clearly defined in 13.C.View Details
2023Rule 9C283Modification of Rule 9CFailedFailed. No. This an integral part of the game.View Details
2023None275Head TargetingFailedFailed. This is part of the game. Wear protection. Difficult to enforce.View Details
2023None3723rd and 4th shot RuleFailedFailed: 1) Unenforceable 2) Impractical to expect all players to have complete control over where their shot goes. 3) There are many trainers who teach effective, safe ways to respond to lobsView Details
2023N/A367Indoor Ceiling heightFailed1) Where did 39 feet come from. 2) This is just recommendation, what happens if you can't meet it? 3) Rules out a lot of existing venues. 4) Failed. Recommended height (19ft) is already recommended in the USAP construction manual.View Details
2023Many513Rally scoring option for singles and doublesFailedFailed. USAP not ready to incorporate this as a rule. A task force will be formed in 2023 to investigate the details of how to implement this.View Details
2023In the area of 4.K Wrong Score Called. and 4 D. Calling the Score286Something to the effect of better saying the score clearly, slowly, and loudly. . Also, a two second pause between the last number spoken and the beginning of the serve motion. Also the correction of the scoreFailedFailed. Unnecessarily cumbersome. Overkill.View Details
20238D,266Remove determination of winner of rally for dead ball ruleFailedFailed. Unnecessary editView Details
20237.H.342Replace "below the wrist" with "excluding the wrist"FailedFailed. There isn't a problem with interpreting this ruleView Details
20237.H and 7.I347Player hit by ballPassedPassed. Editorial changeView Details
20237.D.567Ambiguous wordingPassedPassed. Wording was modified by the rules committee.View Details
20236.d.9281Line Call RulesFailedFailed. The committed felt that this already an option for playersView Details
20236.D.8219Line call editorial changePassedPassed. Editorial changeView Details
20236.D.7.389The "out" debacle and contradictionFailedPassed 1) Passed last year by the rules committee but overridden by the boardView Details
20236.D.75016.D.7. Players shall not call a ball "out" unless they can clearly see a space between the line and the ball as it hits the ground.FailedFailed. Same as rule suggestion 389View Details
20236.D.5.268Questioning an opponents callPassedPassed: Moved guidance to start of rulebook. There is a concern that any 'should' rule is not enforceable and has no penalty, so this is just guidance.View Details
20236.D.5324Appeals to refereeFailedFailed. The edit is redundant and attempts to address something that isn't an issueView Details
20236.D.11.561Out balls-partner communicationFailedFailed. Reason same as 277.View Details
20236.D.1.1277Use of the word "OUT" during a volleyFailedFailed. Well known player communication. What other 'out' variations would also be prevented?View Details
20236.A.290All Lines InFailedFailed. Also, technically the way this is written would mean a ball hitting the NVZ sideline would be in.View Details
20235.A.1 (or new rule)582Game Ball SelectionFailedFailed: Game ball selection is adequately covered in the referee handbook.View Details
20234B10404Incorrect player or positionFailedFailed. 1) We'd be asking every single match to change the end of match procedure ( requiring all teams to sign the scoresheet) for a relatively rare occurrence. 2) This drastically reduces the amount of time that they identify an out of position error. 3) We don't want a referee error to substantially affect the outcome of the match 4) If passed, the change about referees correcting players out of position would address this.View Details
 Rule Book Year Existing Rule # Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry