Rule Submission TitleHitting the net post is allowed
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Existing Rule #Rule 11.K.
Proposed Rule Change

11.K. A ball contacting the net posts, net, the net cable, or rope between the net posts remains in play.
11.K.1. Striking the net post on the serve is a fault.

Original Rule Text

11.K. The Net Posts. The net posts (including connected wheels, arms, or other support construction) are positioned out of bounds. If a
ball or player contacts the net post while the ball is in play, it is a fault and a dead ball is declared.
11.K.1. A ball contacting the net, the net cable, or rope between the net posts remains in play.


Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

It seems strange that pickleball is the only sport where the post is not included as part of the net, and if the return is in it is a 'good return' or a goal, or a conversion. As pickleball is now becoming a recognized sport, it might be worth reconsidering the current 11k as being a fault in itself.

Pickleball rule 11k is out of sync with similar ball sports, and in fact all sports. The net is a fixture and part of the court. As such hitting any part of the net, going over said net, and landing in the court of play should be good.

Here are rules from similar sports:

Tennis ITF 25c states that the return is good if: "The ball is returned outside the net posts, either above or below the level of the top of the net, even though it touches the net posts, provided that it hits the ground in the correct court; except as provided in Rules 2 and 24 (d); "

Table Tennis: Law 2.02.01 states: The net assembly shall consist of the net, its suspension and the supporting posts, including the clamps attaching them to the table.

I would strongly suggest that Pickleball rules according to the same standards that have stood the test of time, using similar wording.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Hitting the post of the net and the ball bouncing in on the opponents side.

Rule Book Year2022
Rule Change ID35
Date CreatedJune 1, 2021
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