Rule Submission TitleSingles boundaries
USAP Board Voting StatusNot voted upon
USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusFail
IFP Voting StatusAverage: 5.7 Detail:7,5,5,7,9,7,0
Existing Rule #2.A.1
Proposed Rule Change

I believe the sidelines for Singles Pickleball should be narrowed by __ feet (determined by the Committee).

Original Rule Text

2.A.1. The court shall be a rectangle measuring 20 feet (6.10 m) wide and 44 feet (13.41 m) long for both singles and doubles matches (See Figure 2-1.)

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

As noted in tennis’ experience, covering an area that is unchanged between singles and doubles makes little sense. By leaving the singles area the same size as the doubles area, the game among our single largest demographic, the Senior Player, is most often relegated to doubles only. The physical skills of the Senior Player does not allow the same inviting ease of play as does doubles. The result is that Singles Pickleball is, among this majority demographic, by and large, ignored. This fact is really unfortunate, and, if left unchanged, may impede the continued growth of Pickleball’s popularity.

Rule Book Year2022
Rule Change ID25
Date CreatedMay 30, 2021
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