Rule Submission TitleChange Contact Point of Serve to Below the Hip
Rule Book Year2022
Date CreatedJune 25, 2021
Rule Change ID109
Existing Rule #4.A.5
Original Rule Text

4.A.5 Contact with the ball must not be made above the waist.

Proposed Rule Change

4.A.5 Contact with the ball must not be made above the hip.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Two reasons for this change both designed to enforce the "underhand" serve in pickleball.

  1. The paddle being above the wrist (4.A.4.) is the most violated rule and uncalled rule violation in pickleball.  And thus when a questionable serve occurs it is frequently a topic of discussion/argument in refereed matches.  If you watch tape you can find this rule being violated at almost any tournament including the pro level yet I have never seen a serve violation called .  By moving the contact point to below the hip it is harder to violate this rule.
  2. The hip bone is easier to determine visually than the navel.  Thus it is easer for referees to call violations than with the current rule.
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