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 Entry ID Submission Date Rule Book Year Rule Submission Title
180205/15/20242025Out Call Rule (6.C.6)
181105/15/20242025Withdrawals from round robin brackets
181405/15/20242025Intentional handball or handleball
181605/15/20242025Professional Play Line Call and Overrule
181705/15/20242025NVZ definition for mini-singles
183305/15/20242025Sportsmanship in non-officiated matches
183405/15/20242025Return of Serve must clear the NVZ
183605/15/2024202513.D.1.a. Player calling fault on themselves
183705/15/202420254.N.3. Fault if serve return goes into the net or out of bounds
183805/15/20242025Round-robin tie-breaker criteria
183905/15/20242025Not Ready Signals
184205/15/202420256.C.5. Requesting that Opponent make a line call
184305/15/20242025Starting Server Identification
184505/15/20242025Incorrect Server and Receiver Faults
184905/15/20242025Overidding Official Line Calls
185005/15/20242025Clartifying that spectator line calls are not allowed
185505/15/20242025The Volley Serve
176905/14/20242025Paddle Hitting Surface Definition
177405/14/20242025Hitting above the shoulder (neck or head) is a Fault
177505/14/20242025Definition of Live Ball
177605/14/20242025Edit: No Volley Zone, not Non Volley zone
177905/14/20242025Let serve returnable by the non-receiving opponent.
178305/14/20242025Proposal for Rule Amendment: Prohibition of Blowing the Ball During a Rally
178705/14/20242025Additional Time-Out Awarded at "Overtime"
178805/14/20242025Temporary nets, ball hitting bottom cross bar or center post footing.
 Entry ID Submission Date Rule Book Year Rule Submission Title