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291July 6, 2022Maree

You're right about cardinal (counting) and ordinal (sequence) numbers. But I think it should be "first" and "last". With "zero-zero-last" to start the game, "side-out" occurs when you don't score. Then "zero-zero-first", score a point then lose your serve, "one-zero-last" for your second server. First/last represents the order of the servers.

372July 11, 2022Michelle

You're giving even more of an advantage to the receiving team. They should beat the serving team up to the line, but if the serving team lobs over them because they got up there so quickly, you're going to punish the serving team for a great shot.

275July 15, 2022Susan

Yes, this rule is needed, especially for face shots. I am 5’2”, I always wear safety glasses. I have played against many men who intentionally aim for my face, and they are usually lower rated (3.5 or less). They admit to me that this is their intention! The better players hit low balls, no problem. If you cannot control your shots, you shouldn’t be hitting so hard up at people’s faces. It is dangerous play.

275May 18, 2022Jane

Yes, this rule is necessary for player safety! More and more players are deliberately aiming and hitting hard at opponents’ faces. In fact, many then celebrate afterwards for their ‘great’ shot. (See Matt Wright, North Carolina open pro mixed doubles match.) This is dangerous play. Many other sports, such as football, baseball and basketball, have made major changes to ensure head/face safety. Pickleball needs to do the same.
The attitude of “if you can’t stand the heat, get off the court” shows poor sportsmanship and is dangerous when it comes to face shots.

219June 15, 2022Michael

Yes, I like it. Takes out ambiguity.

275April 21, 2022Gary

Yes on this rule

26June 22, 2021Andrew

Would have to consider players who are hard of hearing and wear hearing aids for legitimate reason.

536July 13, 2022Brooke

Would echo the comments not in favor of these particular proposed changes, especially the proposal to call the score twice. It's laborious without being meaningfully productive and also represents an opportunity for refs to be viewed as unnecessarily interjecting themselves into the match, which could negatively impact overall respect for the role of officiating and although minor, present an essentially fruitless, duplicative challenge to referee accuracy.

123July 4, 2021Don

With this rule change, we are now allowing players to carry balls on their person and in the event that a ball falls out and the opponents stop play for hinder or safety concerns, we now have to call a fault on them? What if one of the opponents did not see the ball fall out of a pocket and out of habit calls "ball on". Are they now supposed to be faulted for being "habitually safe"? No good can come from allowing players to carry balls on the court.

26June 26, 2021Bill

With the exception of medically necessary hearing aids, I see no reason that players should be allowed to wear earbuds. How would you know if the person was receiving constant coaching via cell phone?

86July 5, 2021Don

Why should my opponent have more rights to my court space than I do? Under certain conditions (hitting the ball then crossing, following the ball back over after backspin) it is reasonable to allow a player to cross into my court space. BUT, this does not mean that I need to concede any space on my side of the net. You play on your side and I'll play on mine.

372July 13, 2022Scott

While I agree with the sentiment, it's already difficult to count, in game, which bounce it is. Applying too many rules to this particular bounce or that particular bounce becomes unworkable/unplayable. But, yes, I've heard of many injuries from backpeddling and falling and getting hurt.

386July 11, 2022Kevin

Whether there is a replay is dependent upon whether it is a refereed or nonrefereed game.

In either instance once the serve has been struck if a player stops play because of an incorrect score being called it will be a fault. This is a significant change from previous versions of the rule. Last year's rule said that the player could stop play up until the time the third shot was struck. Prior to that it had to be before the ball was returned. Each of those definitions has its own set of problems, I happen to agree with the 2022 wording as being the most workable, but I won't comment further on what the cutoff should be to stop play. It does not matter whether the server or the referee called the score it is a fault. It doesn't matter if the score is correct or incorrect it is a fault.

The rule does not state what happens if an incorrect score is called. To determine what happens it is important to know who made the error and what affect it had on play.

If the referee makes the error it is much more likely that a replay will occur because it is the referee's error. If the serving team faults because the serving team called the score wrong then there typically won't be a replay. In the first instance the serving team should not be faulted for the referee's error. In the second instance the serving team "owns" the error because they are the ones that made the call.

There may be instances where the receiving team will have a legitimate claim to a replay due to an incorrect score called but the serving team does not in game without a referee.

291April 21, 2022Lori

What if best of both worlds
0-0-2 Start

Then it sounds correct ‘to start’ and is correct w the 0-0-2

320May 25, 2022DARIN

What happens if the ball isn't held high enough? Is it a fault? The last things we need are more of these unnecessary rule changes.

389July 9, 2022William

What about when the ball hits right next to the line, covering part of the line, but not actually touching the line? It will often appear "in" depending on where you are on the court, especially if you are the person who hit the ball. Here is a link from the USPA on this issue:


Sort of gives a mixed message. Probably should be addressed in giving guidance.

526July 11, 2022Dotti

what about revealing sports bras? Men players and even women try not to sign up with the “breast” distraction.

570July 13, 2022Darla

Wellll, the ATP opportunity exists because the team that will need to defend the ATP sent a risky shot at a such a wide angle that the ATP shot became possible. Don't punish the ATP team for a "mistake" that the other team created -- setting up the shot opportunity. If you don't think there should be ATP's, then don't set up that shot by setting the previous shot up to bounce at a deep angle that far off the court.

290June 9, 2022tom

Well, there is a point to be made here. However, I've always liked this rule - for a fairly selfish reason. It's unique to pickleball. Pickleball is not tennis! It's one of our rules that separates us from tennis. I disagree with the proposed rule change.

275July 11, 2022Kevin

Wear safety glasses. If you are at risk of a concussion from a pickleball you need to pick another sport. If you don't like people hitting the ball at you find a different group to play with. As a matter of etiquette you certainly shouldn't target above the shoulders but sometimes the ball doesn't go exactly where you intend it to go.

275April 9, 2022Judy

Wear eye protection at all Times. I never play without it.
Also some opponents are short, some are tall…am I supposed to be super aware of that?

536July 6, 2022Vicki

We have worked hard to remove the referee from becoming part of the match and be there to keep score and apply rules. These rules include player positions. If we are going to insure players do not break position rules, what other rules can we use this same methodology? If we are going to keep players from being in the wrong position, why don’t we remove the position requirement rule. Players designate which side they will start from and stay there. The serve would alternate between the players. The referee would insure the serve is served from the side that matches their score. (Or not). Hopefully they can remember where they started from. The requirement to call the score “twice” is just another insertion into the game and very difficult to do in noisy settings for a single call, twice will be more frustrating for both the players and the referee. This rule change is for a small subset of teams that can’t seem to keep their thoughts together. Why add major frustration for all involved by calling the score twice for EACH rally during a match. Please reconsider……

404July 13, 2022Brian L

We have spent the good part of three hours during the last two meetings discussing player “position” questions to referees during matches. Holy smokes? How do non-refereed matches get around these questions? The problem is as I see it is that the referees are the problem. This is proven by the simple fact that we have spent most of two meetings discussing questions that cause consternation and confusion even amongst ourselves of which most are experienced referees!

In my mind, referees should not be trying to play “Jeopardy” with the players by justifying “violations” with the expedient of “you didn’t ask the right question at the right time in the right sequence”! This makes us not only look stupid … but the villain as well. This is completely nuts! The solution is right before us … ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS ASKED AND UNASKED! It is our job to make sure players are in the right positions and the correct server but ONLY when they ask!. How simple is that? Do the players have a responsibility as well? … Yes of course they do. Since every time the referee has to correct player positions it interrupts the flow of the game. This is now a new issue. The referee can resolve this “delay of game tactic” simply with the warning system … i.e. verbal, TW and TF with a +or- point.

In summary … Don’t pussy foot around … if a player asks if they are in the right position tell them yes or no including the score. These players are not stupid … they know the rules. Why do we as referees want to catch them in an incorrect position, incorrect server? Is it good for the game? Does it play well with the spectators? If it is confusing to the referees, it is certainly confusing to the players and spectators. The enjoyment, the fairness and the honor of the game is certainly undermined when the referee is not forthcoming regarding player position/server questions.

273July 13, 2022Chuck

We don't want rally scoring.

371July 7, 2022Maria

We are spending much too much time on this 'Am I the Right Receiver?' question. It has come up on way too many Referee Conference Calls. Maybe we just need to go to one question allowed regarding positioning 'Am I good?' or 'Are we good?'

97June 28, 2021Vaunette

Upon retirement of a match, points that were scored should stand. For example, if the game score was 8-6 once a individual/team retires the score should NOT suddenly become 11-0.

369July 19, 2022Kyle

Unnecessary to add. Already limited by one hand uncovered. If individuals are experiencing weak returns, the server either needs to move up or the returners need to move down (in ratings).

266July 6, 2022Beth

Unnecessary rule change. Several rules already address NVZ infractions and timing (e.g. 8.E and 9.C).

286July 14, 2022Tony

Unnecessary rule change.

569July 9, 2022Beth

Unnecessary change. This change might be necessary if this 'glaring loophole' was being exploited but, it's not (as documented in the submission). If players thought they could gain some sort of an advantage by running onto the court late to a rally in progress, it would be happening more and more frequently. Referees are not having difficulty handling this 'loophole' (which would be a valid/necessary reason to make a rule change) primarily because it isn't being exploited but also because referees have rules that allow them to handle the situation if/when it occurs.

283July 7, 2022Julia

Unnecessary change. This change does not need to implemented.

83June 25, 2021Nick

Unless I am missing something, rule 6.D.7 does not require an out call at any time.
It does require an in call unless you can clearly see a space between the ball and the line.

496July 9, 2022Thomas

Unenforceable. What determines the start or a service motion? This change will cause arguments between players and between players and referees. Please disregard this proposed change.

168July 12, 2021Kevin

Under the Proposed Rule if my paddle were to touch in the NVZ prior to striking the ball it would not be a fault, assuming my feet are on the ground outside of the kitchen. My paddle touches the kitchen as I start my swing and I reestablish my position outside of the NVZ between the time my paddle lifts off the surface and before I hit the ball.

The intent of the proposed rule change has merit but I don't think the wording is quite right.

275July 19, 2022John

Truly ridiculous suggestion. Players everywhere have the option of wearing safety eyewear

540July 9, 2022Walt

Tournaments should also not provide or sell tournament shirts that mask the ball color as well.

425June 11, 2022Chuck

Totally unnecessary. I agree with Tom!!!!

320July 15, 2022Sam

Totally unnecessary and would slow the game down unnecessarily.

219May 11, 2022Clark

Totally eliminate the call OUT for "player communication". Allow words like NO, DON'T, etc.

OUT is to be used strictly for a line call.

Too many players take advantage of that word OUT, calling it while the ball is still in the air. The word OUT CANNOT be used until the ball hits the surface.

23June 7, 2021Pam

Totally agree with the suggestion.

103July 10, 2021Dave

Totally agree with submitter!!!!! The key part of the uniqueness of the game of pickleball was the serve. Anybody could play. Until the cheater, ace, wicked, sidearm, smash, over the waist, drop serve came into play. Now pickleball is just like any other sport. Not social, not fun. Just constant frustration. The competitive players are ruining recreational play with the help of… the drop serve. Yes, they should go to competitive play. But they are not. They are just beating up on old ladies and senior citizens, many of whom have various levels of disabilities. Big whoop. The Bainbridge Island Boys must be turning over in their graves.

103July 10, 2021Dave

Totally agree with submitter!!!!! The key part of the uniqueness of the game of pickleball was the serve. Anybody could play. Until the cheater, ace, wicked, sidearm, smash, over the waist, drop serve came into play. Now pickleball is just like any other sport. Not social, not fun. Just constant frustration. The competitive players are ruining recreational play with the help of… the drop serve. Yes, they should go to competitive play. But they are not. They are just beating up on old ladies and senior citizens, many of whom have various levels of disabilities. Big whoop. The Bainbridge Island Boys must be turning over in their graves.

369July 16, 2022Kim

Totally agree with banning all service pre-spin.

536July 14, 2022Marsha

To eliminate player position faults and service sequence faults would be changing the game. Part of the beauty of pickleball is the requirement for players to serve and receive from their correct positions based on the score. It’s not a matter of either partner can serve when they want or from whichever side they want. There’s a defined pattern to be followed – it's the art of pickleball. The game involves not only physical ability but mental prowess, too.

For tournament play, players are required to know their correct positions on the court. The current rules provide a reasonable provision for players to obtain assistance with positioning and sequence if they need it. Directing players to their correct positions (as well as the likes of replaying illegal serves and banning the spin serve) is suggestive of keeping pickleball strictly social as it was played when the game was first invented. Pickleball is an easy, friendly game for all to play. In social play, players are told where they should be on the court, the score may be repeated several times to make sure everybody understands, and new players may even be allowed to re-serve if their serves don’t land in the correct service court. However, as a competitive SPORT, the players need to be held to these responsibilities established by the longstanding rules.

To allow the result of a rally to stand despite a player being out of position or the wrong player serving, lessens the responsibilities and purpose of referees. Although we hate to see when a referee misses these infractions, it is not a cause for re-engineering the game. Let’s stay true to the game and not take the uniqueness out of it.

In all instances, referees should be able to correct an error they made. It is absurd that the rules allow a fault to be called on a player that was initiated by an error made by the referee. A score calling error is the only error a referee is prohibited by rule from correcting. The unintended consequence of last year’s change to rule 4.K should be corrected this year, not perpetuated.

290July 15, 2022Sam

To echo a lot of other comments, it does not take long to teach someone that the lines are there and are part of the area they define. The NVZ line is equivalent to the baseline. The baseline is considered part of the court that it defines so hitting it means the ball landed in the court. The NVZ line is part of the NVZ that it defines so hitting it means it landed in the NVZ. Typically people get that and see the consistency.

320May 22, 2022Mary Ann

Though I disagree about calling score twice, I definitely see the benefit to raising the ball before serving. My MXD partner is Deaf and having visual cues is imperative for him. So this would be of enormous benefit to other Deaf/Hard of Hearing players

290May 17, 2022Joey

This would make it more difficult for referees to determine short serves because the new viewing angle of the referee will be opposite.

283June 9, 2022Chuck

This suggestion it totally unecessary and NO change is needed.

275July 27, 2022Tim

This suggested rule change is totally unnecessary. While I guess that it is possible for a serious imjury to occur when someone is hit in the head, it has to be extremely rare. And, when someone is hit in the head, it can be as much their fault (they were off ballance or otherwise moving), as the person who hit the ball. Please do not make this change!

399July 27, 2022Tim

This should be the only way that a serve should be allowed.

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