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103June 26, 2021Aimee

I disagree vehemently. The drop serve should stay. It is easy to learn, is legal and a good way for beginners to learn a serve. It also is a strategic skill for ace serves! IMO It stays!!!!

40June 26, 2021Aimee

Disagree. You already get a second serve by your partner serving again.

11June 20, 2021Alan

Introducing the word "start" into the score call cadence will only result in more confusion I feel. As a new player, the understanding that you call a 1 or a 2 to denote if they are the 1st or 2nd server after each team's score is knowledge they should learn as they first start playing.

8June 20, 2021Alan

I agree with the idea of TW/TF resulting in the removal (or additional in some cases) of points. I would add to this that we remove the verbal warning though. You have 3 strikes and then a game or match forfeit.

16June 20, 2021Alan

Switching sides in every game would create a bigger issue with the overall time in a match. Adding and additional 2 mins in every best 2 of 3 match will add up quickly based on the number of matches there are in the bigger tournaments.

27June 20, 2021Alan

I think we need to look at removing the spin as an advantage in the serve in steps rather than trying to jump to little/no spin only. A good first step might be no aided spin allowed. This would eliminate spinning the ball off the paddle or off another body part. A server could still flick the ball in their hand to generate some spin, but this does not create as much of an advantage.

31June 20, 2021Alan

A referee can and should be able to stop play to issues a TW or TF. If a player hits a ball causing it to pop up for an easy overhead winner and the just throw there paddle towards the net, that would be an instance where a referee could stop play and issue the TW/TF. This could be looked at as the referee stopping play for a distraction also and then issuing the TW/TF. There are circumstances where stopping play and issuing a TW/TF do occur though, so I feel that taking that wording out would bring up more confusion.

32June 20, 2021Alan

If you remove the phrase "after the serve" and leave in "while the ball is live/in-play", you still have the same rule though. Taking this out and calling a fault for flicking a ball off the paddle for a serve would also introduce the side effect of having a fault called while the ball is no live/in-play which was changed in 2021 to simply when faults were called.

40June 20, 2021Alan

I feel implementing this change would have two consequential side effects that I would argue against implementing this rule.

1) A second serve has the potential to extend the time required to complete a game.

2) It introduces the ability to be really aggressive on a first serve which goes against the idea of the rally being where the point should be earned and not the serve. The receiving team/player in pickleball should have the advantage at the start and not the serving team.

52June 21, 2021Alan

I like this change and how it allows the referee a little leeway in getting the game back going. If this is not the desired result, maybe move the warning back to 20 seconds to allow players more time to get back to the court. On hot long days, it tends to take players a little longer to get back on the court.

29June 22, 2021Andrew

Just like to say I agree with this rule change! I can tell you in other sports with more mature rule books this is the case.

26June 22, 2021Andrew

Would have to consider players who are hard of hearing and wear hearing aids for legitimate reason.

59June 25, 2021Bill

I agree that the drop serve should be full instated as a permanent rule. I do not agree that any changes should be made to the current rule concerning the drop serve. In all racquet sports the serve is a weapon and should not be restricted. In almost all tournaments you can see some players using the traditional serve in ways that could be considered questionable. In the quick service motion it is almost impossible (without slow motion replay) to decide if all the qualifications for a legal serve have been met. If any new change is made it might be in the best interest of the game to only allow the drop serve. Service questions automatically go away.

62June 25, 2021Bill

I had also submitted a change on this same issue (and it was flagged as a duplicate of this item). I recommend changing it to the point that the referee or any player leaves the court. At the end of a match, it takes a bit of time for the referee to gather the ball, mark the score sheet properly and have one of the winners initial the recorded scores. This amount of time is typically longer that the time between rallies during normal play. If someone wishes to challenge an incorrect player or position (or appeal an "out" call), this should be done promptly. It is also very difficult to call players back to a court once they have left they have left.

8June 26, 2021Bill

Losing a point (or adding one point to the opponent) is a strong deterrent to bad behavior. Keep it as it is.

16June 26, 2021Bill

Changing ends too often only causes more delay in tournaments. It also creates more confusion for players to line up in their correct positions.

26June 26, 2021Bill

With the exception of medically necessary hearing aids, I see no reason that players should be allowed to wear earbuds. How would you know if the person was receiving constant coaching via cell phone?

40June 26, 2021Bill

Disagree. Most players (in tournaments) know how to serve.

52June 26, 2021Bill

Referees need to keep the game moving. There have been many times that I've called the 15-second warning and one or more players are slow in responding. Nothing gets them moving like seeing the referee's hand counting out the seconds.

63June 26, 2021Bill

The proposal is for a radical change to the sport. Perhaps a better approach would be to start a new sport (with a different name) using the proposed changes and see if the community likes the new sport.

77June 26, 2021Bill

As a referee, I do not want the responsibility for determining if a medical time-out should be granted. I've had no medical training. I don't want to be in a position to determine if an ambulance is needed. Leave the medical decisions to the trained medical personnel.

94June 26, 2021Bill

I agree with this. However, I would add that if the server changes sides or gives the ball to their teammate, then the receiver should be allowed time to reposition properly (i.e. no "trick serves"). Asking the ref a question has become a common way to delay the serve. If someone is slow to returning to their position at the 15 second warning, they often ask the ref "Correct Server?" or "Correct Side?" just to reset the 10 second count and gain more time.

40July 5, 2021Bill

This rule change would greatly increase the time required for a game.

34July 5, 2021Bill

... unless the player can clearly see that the ball contacted the court outside the line.

25July 5, 2021Bill

I disagree that without changing the lines for a singles game the growth of pickleball will be impeded. I'm 78 and sometimes play singles, but more often "skinny" singles that requires focus and more accuracy.

23July 5, 2021Bill

From my point of view as a referee I like the rule as it is. I never had a "phantom let" before, but I feel the current rule is no problem and removes the opportunity for mischief (integrity and sportsmanship). I have refereed PPA and Regionals although not 500 matches. Note that both sides of the net play with the same net, temporary or permanent.

103June 27, 2021Bo

Please DROP the DROP serve. It gives some spinners an advantage, but we really aren't after aces like Tennis

23June 25, 2021Bob

I concur. The removal of let serves creates an inherrant safety issue, especially for older players.

23June 27, 2021Bob

I agree from a safety perspective. Proper positioning on the court makes it extremely difficult to get to a serve that clips the net and barely lands in. Since let serves are obvious I don't see the false let serve call ever. Considering the wide age range of players i think replaying let serves should be reestablished

20July 5, 2021Bob

Support rule change in its entirety, consolidating the 2 serves with no paddle restrictions and contact of the ball below waist should standardize the rule and eliminate controversy on paddle position.

20July 14, 2021Clint

In my opinion the drop serve should be retained if for the following reasons:
1) Having helped 50 plus people, from 7 to 83 years old, learn the drop serve makes it much easier to teach. It takes away the timed release required for conventional serve.
2) As a referee for tournaments it is much easier to rule validity of serve vs. conventional serve which demands considerable judgement by the ref.
3) Allows for more variation of serve for spin.
4) Not as controversial as the "chainsaw serve" which is yet another referee nightmare.

11June 25, 2021Craig

o-o-Start makes sense for the reason stated

40June 7, 2021Darla

This isn't tennis. No thanks to changing this rule in pickleball. One serve is plenty.

11June 7, 2021Darla

I easily explain this to people to whom I teach pickleball that the starting server of the game is *functioning* as the second server for the side, so they start with 2. No one I know struggles with this after playing for about a week. It's a fun, unique aspect to the game.

20July 3, 2021Darla

I previously submitted a drop serve rule change suggestion, but I do like this option better. With both serves, traditional and drop, require nothing other than hitting the ball below the waist and an upward arc. Those would be the only two things a ref would need to watch for; the same two things for both serves. I can only imagine this would be much easier for the ref, without changing really anything about the serves themselves. Good thoughts, this.

103June 25, 2021Darryl

I agree with this change. Starting at 0/0-1 makes the scoring more easily taught to beginners. It actually makes winning the first serve more valuable when beginning a match.

20July 10, 2021Dave

Disagree wholeheartedly on the top of the paddleface issue. The idea is to prevent players from serving sideways. Sidewinders are legal in baseball, not pickleball. The upward swing is what makes picklball unique and allows all people of any level to play and compete. Anything that even remotely appears to be sideways should simply be illegal. Way to close to the waist. Most recreational players cannot even return those serves. Wow, that is fun and enjoyable. Most people that get 4-5 points on serves almost always win. Wow, that really makes the game fun to play. Not. If we allow all these people to push the envelope then we might as well quit playing pickleball and go back to playing tennis. I don’t even know how you can hit a ball that is below the waist with the paddleface above the break in the wrist. Appears to defy physics. A ball below the waist is below the net and must be hit in an upward motion, no matter how imperceptible, or it will not clear the net.
The introduction of the drop serve really screwed up the game of pickleball and opened up a Pandora’s Box that will never be closed. Get rid of it.
This guy’s suggestion that the original rules of serving should remain in effect for all serves (especially the drop serve) is right on the nut. And the comment that “the previous statements do not apply” (bullet number four under the section on serving in the alternate rule book) has got to go. The ensuing confusion will never go away. I didn’t appreciate the cheater who misinterpreted that statement to mean that he could serve anyway he wanted on the drop serve (including above the waist) getting nose to nose with me and spitting in my face.

40July 10, 2021Dave

If you allow the starting team to have two serves the advantage will be overwhelming and unfair. To the point of being unsportsmanlike. The game only goes to eleven. I have been pickled 25 times. With that rule it would have been closer to 50. Getting pickled is no fun. The receiving team will often be severely behind before they even get a chance to serve. IF they get a chance to serve. Such a game will probably last for about…2 minutes. Simply put, the starting team will win the vast majority of the games.

109July 10, 2021Dave

It is not difficult at all to determine the level of the navel, but top of hip isn’t that bad either. Because the navel is at the same exact height. The best rule would simply state that “ The ball must be served BELOW the navel. If any part of the ball touches the navel that is a fault.” The navel would provide a good reference point. Bob is on to something though. “The ball must be served below the top of the hip bone” would also work.
The word that really has to go is “waist.” A hip bone is about 8 inches in height. You can fit more than three pickleballs in that space!!! Thus the waist is not a reference point. Hence the difficulty in determining if a serve is legal or not. The navel and top of the hip are.
Like I said, Bob is on to something and I agree with his concept. It has actually been one of my pet peeves and I have been trying to submit the same rule change but have not been able to figure out how. It’s July 9th and the deadline is July 10th. Mark Piefer told me that he has authorized my submission but I don’t really know what that means. Does that mean he sent it in or do I still have to do it? I would prefer not to have to wait until next year to submit my idea.

20July 10, 2021Dave

I don’t know the name of the dude that submitted this because it’s not listed, but he is incredibly confused. And there is no such thing as a bounce serve. The only point stated that makes any sense is to “re-establish the original rules of serving for all serves, including the drop serve.”
Now Tom, on the other hand, has submitted the best comment that I have ever seen on this website. Read Tom’s reply and apply it to the letter and you will successfully return pickleball to the game it should be!!!

103July 10, 2021Dave

Totally agree with submitter!!!!! The key part of the uniqueness of the game of pickleball was the serve. Anybody could play. Until the cheater, ace, wicked, sidearm, smash, over the waist, drop serve came into play. Now pickleball is just like any other sport. Not social, not fun. Just constant frustration. The competitive players are ruining recreational play with the help of… the drop serve. Yes, they should go to competitive play. But they are not. They are just beating up on old ladies and senior citizens, many of whom have various levels of disabilities. Big whoop. The Bainbridge Island Boys must be turning over in their graves.

91July 10, 2021Dave

Many pickleball paddles are legal according to all parameters and are only classified as illegal because they didn’t go thru the approval process. In other words they are legal in every sense except for the fact that they don’t have a USAPA Approved stamp on them. Bogus. For all practical intents and purposes my paddle is legal. I should not be punished because of a technicality. To check a paddle for all of the required parameters (weight, height, width, etc.), how hard can it be? Should take about a minute.
Players should be allowed to request that their paddles be checked instead of being forced to go out and buy another paddle.

103July 10, 2021Dave

Totally agree with submitter!!!!! The key part of the uniqueness of the game of pickleball was the serve. Anybody could play. Until the cheater, ace, wicked, sidearm, smash, over the waist, drop serve came into play. Now pickleball is just like any other sport. Not social, not fun. Just constant frustration. The competitive players are ruining recreational play with the help of… the drop serve. Yes, they should go to competitive play. But they are not. They are just beating up on old ladies and senior citizens, many of whom have various levels of disabilities. Big whoop. The Bainbridge Island Boys must be turning over in their graves.

20June 3, 2021DAVID

Please keep the drop serve. I see a lot of new players using it successfully. Also, I have yet to see anyone use the drop serve to deliver any kind of "wicked" serve that is especially difficult to return. I would support a change which made the new drop serve the only allowed serve. Feel free to eliminate the traditional serve.

40July 14, 2021David

This is unnecessary. The team that wins the toss will have too much advantage. Beginners will eventually learn the correct score. Bad rule change.

20July 14, 2021David

Keep the drop!

It is easier for a lot of beginners.

The chainsaw serve could ruin pickleball if enough people learn to do it well enough (I can), but mandating the drop serve could easily eliminate the chainsaw serve.

Keep the drop, lose the chainsaw!

63July 19, 2021david

The rally point should be adapted as soon as possible. The advantage is obvious. I think the pickleball is the only sport stuck in the past and did not keep up with time. I'm glad to see that the association is ready to move forward.

83June 25, 2021Diane

I agree with the observation is that the rule has failed at making line calls better, and has on the contrary made line calls worse, and that the rulebook and the game are better off without this rule.

It essentially requires that players in some situations to call balls as OUT that they know for a fact are IN. For example, a player at the sideline should be within the rules in calling a ball OUT if the middle of the ball lies outside the line even if even if the edge of the ball obscures the gap. This is often a better view than their crosscourt partner. Requiring "a visible gap" invites argument, lies, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

But I disagree with the comment that there is any meaningful distinction between "the ball is in" and "I as an observer cannot call the ball out." If the observer cannot see it well enough to call it out, then they must defer the call to a player who has a better view, and if no one can see it well enough, then the ball is IN.

62June 22, 2021Don

The losing team should then be required to also sign the scoresheet, in order to keep the winner from rushing to sign it to keep from losing their last point. Perhaps the time limit should instead be "when the Referee Leaves the court"

26June 22, 2021Don

My hearing aids are also blue tooth and allow me to hear my phone ring and listen to the caller without anyone else hearing it. It will work at about 20 feet from the phone. You could try to force players to disable blue tooth, but if the phone is on the sideline, the person holding it could quickly enable blue tooth and then call the phone to talk to the player.
My playing ability is better with correct hearing, and I can easily hear the referee and also the "pop" of the ball being hit by the opponents, which is important in my reaction time.

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