Rule Change Process

Rule Submission TitleAllow coaching during play rather than only at time outs and between games.
USAP Board Vote ReasonFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonFailed. Too much of a change to the basic tenets of the game.
Existing Rule #13.g.1.j
Proposed Rule Change

Eliminate rule 13.G.1.j

Original Rule Text


13. G.1 Verbal Warnings and Technical Warnings. The referee is empowered to issue a single verbal warning to each team or call technical warnings. Actions or behavior that shall result in a verbal or technical warning.

13.G.1.j Except during time-outs and in-between games, receiving coaching from anyone other than a partner

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Most sports allow coaching during play. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if the player doing the coaching even knows the team he is coaching, or could even be trying to cause his friends opponent to be penalized.

An out call a player makes after a spectator makes an  calls should not be honored.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Anytime a spectator is coaching.

Rule Book Year2023
Rule Change ID444
Date CreatedJune 8, 2022
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