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Rule Submission TitleProposed 2023 Service Court Rule Change
USAP Board Vote ReasonFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonFailed. Changing this rule would make the NVZ line become inconsistent as it would be part of the NVZ at certain times and not part of the NVZ at others.
Existing Rule #2.B.4. Service Court
Proposed Rule Change

2.B.4. Service Court. The area on either side of the centerline, including the NVZ line, centerline, sideline, and baseline.

Original Rule Text

2.B.4. Service Court. The area beyond the NVZ on either side of the centerline, including the centerline, sideline, and baseline.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

In virtually every other racquet sport the service court is a rectangle. Logically the NVZ should not be relevant during the serving process and the NVZ line should be part of the service court rectangle. The definition of the service court should be consistent with other racquet sports. If the HVZ line were part of the service court, it would make it much easier for players, particularly current or former tennis players, to make correct calls and it would avoid confusion.

With the current rule it is difficult to make correct calls given the angle that the ball can strike the NVZ line. The NVZ line during the serving process is the only line wherein a ball is out if it touches the line. It is very illogical that the NVZ line is not the fourth line to complete the service court rectangle, wherein when a served ball touches the line it is good.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

During the serving process.

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Rule Book Year2023
Rule Change ID438
Date CreatedJune 6, 2022
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