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Rule Submission TitleCalling the wrong score
USAP Board Vote ReasonApproved
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonPass
IFP Voting StatusAverage: 8.7 Detail:7,10,10,10,5,10,9
Existing Rule #4.K
Proposed Rule Change

4.K. If the server or referee calls the wrong score, once the serve is made play should continue to the end of the rally and the correction made before the next serve. Player comments about the score during the rally should be ignored.

4.K.1. A player who stops play after the serve is made will have committed a fault and shall lose the rally

Original Rule Text

4.K. Wrong Score Called. If the server or referee calls the wrong score, any player may stop play before the “third shot” occurs to ask for a correction.
4.K.1. If the score called was incorrect, the player or referee will recall the correct score and the ball will be re-served with no penalty.
4.K.2. After the serve has occurred , a player who stops play and challenges the called score when there is no error will have committed a fault.
4.K.3. A player who stops play after the “third shot” occurs will have committed a fault and shall lose the rally.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

In the 2021 revisions to the rules, the window of time in which players are allowed to challenge a possible incorrectly called score was expanded from the return of serve to the third shot. This was done to give the receiver an extended period of time to process if they wish to challenge the score. This change had the unintended consequence of allowing a player a “second chance” if they committed a fault before the third shot is played. If the score was called incorrectly, and the server faulted on their serve, or the receiver faulted on their return, or the serving team failed to hit a third shot, the faulting team could claim a replay. Also, the wording of the rule lacked clarity about what interjections made by a player constituted a “correction” of the incorrect score and what was a “challenge” by a player. The new rule eliminates corrections and challenges after the serve is struck and allows the score to be corrected after a rally is completed and before the next serve is made. This eliminates the second chance while providing redress to correct the score without penalty to either team.

Rule Book Year2022
Rule Change ID18
Date CreatedMay 28, 2021
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