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Rule Submission TitleServe Line Call
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Existing Rule #6.D.11
Proposed Rule Change


The exception is the serve. The serve should not be called "out" until it bounces. A serve that is called "out" while the ball is in the air is a distraction fault for the receiver/receiving team.

Original Rule Text

While the ball is in the air, if a player yells “out,” “no,” “bounce it,” or any other words to communicate to their partner that the ball may be out, it shall be considered player communication only and not considered a line call.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change
My partner was serving to Ms. A.  Her partner, Mr. B., called the serve out, right before it hit the centerline. Ms. A. said it was in, Mr. B. corrected himself. Ms. A. returned the ball over the net. My partner and I stopped playing because of the out call. We all agree the serve was in. Our opponents said it was "partner communication." That rule is intended for when a ball might be going wide or long and the partner says "out" so his or her teammate doesn't hit the ball out of the air. Obviously, Ms. A. could not hit the ball out of the air when returning the serve because the ball is required to bounce before the serve is returned.
Both Ms. A. and Mr. B. were adamant about taking the point. Ms. A. said that she was in a tournament and had the same thing happen to her and she was on the losing end of the situation. My partner and I were upset because we both knew that in the case of the serve, the partner communication rule doesn't apply due to the two-bounce rule.
Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Any time the receiving time calls a serve "out" before it bounces.

Rule Book Year2022
Rule Change ID156
Date CreatedJune 26, 2021
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