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Rule Submission TitleDefining the End of the Match
USAP Board VoteFailure Confirmed
USAP Rules Committee VoteFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonThe proposal does identify why this is needed or what problems, if any, this solves. It is not necessary to require those who lost the match to sign the scoresheet. The point in time when match ends is when the game-winning point has been scored. See also action on proposals 1008 and 1035.
Existing Rule #None
Proposed Rule Change

3.A. Definitions.

Insert a new definition between ‘3.A.9.‘ and ‘3.A.10.’

End of Match - Defined as the point in time that the winner and loser sign the scoresheet.










































Original Rule Text

3.A. Definitions.

From the ‘Officiating Handbook’ (Page 26):
L. At Completion of a Match
6. Have one of the winners confirm that the correct team is circled and the scores are correct, and sign (or initial) next to the scores. Complete this step carefully to ensure the signing player acknowledges the correct results. An error here can cause confusion at the event desk and delays in the tournament.





















Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Create a definition for the end of the match to be defined as the point in time that the winner and loser sign the scoresheet instead of when it is turned into the operations desk. This would add the requirement for the winners and losers both to verify and confirm that the scoresheet was correct before signing or initialing it.
























































Rule Book Year2024
Rule Change ID1133
Date CreatedMay 2, 2023
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