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Rule Submission TitleExpand definition of ‘Two-Handed Shots’.
USAP Board VoteFailure Confirmed
USAP Rules Committee VoteFailed
USAP Rules Committee Vote ReasonThis was a companion proposal with 991 which is disapproved. There is no reason to restrict where the second hand touches or grasps the paddle in a two-handed shot.
Existing Rule #11.C. Two-Handed Shots.
Proposed Rule Change

11.C. Two-Handed Shots. Two-handed shots are allowed when both hands are in contact with the paddle handle.











Original Rule Text

11.C. Two-Handed Shots. Two-handed shots are allowed.



Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

From rule charge suggestion #991:

In a widely circulated video entitled "Operation "Break the game of pickleball" is in full effect,"   a technique is demonstrated where a player anchors their palm to the tip of the paddle and essentially plays handball intentionally with ball contact. Given the current rule wording, this would be legal as the hand below the wrist is contacting the ball, and is in contact with the head end of the paddle.











Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

From rule change suggestion #991:

Link to the widely circulated video demonstrating this technique











Rule Book Year2024
Rule Change ID1132
Date CreatedMay 2, 2023
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