Rule Change Process

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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry
202233Fouls occurring during an end change.View Details
202234Guidance for line calls.View Details
202235Hitting the net post is allowedView Details
202236Combine rules about player questions (4.B.8, 4.B.9)View Details
202239Change Non-volley to No VolleyView Details
202240Allow a second serveView Details
202248Editorial change to server positioningView Details
202250Rulebook TOC and IndexView Details
202251Items on courtView Details
202252Time In ProceduresView Details
202253ADA accommodationsView Details
202259Drop Serve: Server's arm must be moving in an upward arcView Details
202262Deadline for out of position faultsView Details
202263Rally-point scoringView Details
202272Alter 4.D.2 to allow for change of score callerView Details
202277Medical Time-out ChangeView Details
202282Withdrawal Scoring ChangeView Details
202283Edit 6.D.7 ( Calling out balls)View Details
202284linecalls: treat the ball as if it makes a point contactView Details
202285remove all Section 11 plane-of-the-net rulesView Details
202286give opponent a sporting chance in backspin scenarioView Details
202291Use of unapproved paddleView Details
202292Separate Live Ball/In Play definitionsView Details
202293Allow a verbal warning to be used for things other than profanity.View Details
202294Questions must be asked before the score is called.View Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry