Rule Change Process

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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry
20241189Single Elimination WITHOUT Consolation for Pro and Sr Pro Player tournamentsPassed with modificationPassed with modificationView Details
20241214Rally Scoring for Singles (and Doubles)Passed with modificationPassed with modificationView Details
2024876Wording for Medical Time-out Violation Assessment & TypoPassedPassed with modificationView Details
2024880Line call rule on serve. Editorial change for clarity.PassedPassedView Details
2024881Overriding your own line callPassedPassedView Details
2024882Incorrect cross references. Editorial change.PassedPassedView Details
2024886Remove 'deliberately' from the wording of a carry fault.PassedPassedView Details
2024891Allow team to cede a rally after overruling a line judges call to their detriment if they felt the shot was a clear winner and they had no play on the ballPassedPassed with modificationView Details
2024896Officiating Team DefinitionPassedPassed with modificationView Details
2024906Player must play with approved paddle.PassedPassedView Details
2024970Drop Serve ClarificationPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241004Player may use regular timeouts after a medical timeoutPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241017Correct Pro Player Positions Before the ServePassedFailedView Details
20241019Renumber Headings and Sub-Headings in Section 12.F.PassedPassedView Details
20241020Clarification of Net Post & Net Wire In/Out of Bounds (Rules 11.K and 11.L)PassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241021Clarification of Rule 6.D.9. Out CallsPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241022Rule 8.C Clarification of Procedure when a Hinder is Called in Non-Officiated PlayPassedPassedView Details
2024102410.B.2.a. Medical Time Out make rule consistent with Handbook and Case BookPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241026Edit for clarityPassedPassedView Details
20241055Add Mini-Singles as Sanctioned Event CategoryPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241075Edit to formatting onlyPassedPassedView Details
20241076No Game Three End Change When First Game Forfeited Due to Late ArrivalPassedPassedView Details
20241089Paddle Inspection (Non-Officiated matches)PassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241097Close Rules gap for Casebook Case 2-23: BALL ROLLS DOWN THE SURFACE OF A DEFLECTING NETPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241121Close Rules Gap for Casebook Case 3-21 - FAILURE TO CHANGE ENDS AT 6,8 OR 11PassedPassed with modificationView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry