Rule Change Process

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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry
20241116Change Non Volley Zone size to 8ftView Details
20241103Serving; Replay or FaultView Details
20241102Close Rules Gap for Casebook Case 2-22 - BALL CONTACTS A PLAYERS HATView Details
20241101Close Rules Gap for Case Book CASE 5-23: RESCINDING A REQUESTED MEDICAL TIME OUTView Details
20241100Close Rules Gap for CASE 4-23: COIN FLIP TO DETERMINE MATCH WINNERView Details
20241097Close Rules gap for Casebook Case 2-23: BALL ROLLS DOWN THE SURFACE OF A DEFLECTING NETView Details
20241096Medical timeout timer pause for transportView Details
20241089Paddle Inspection (Non-Officiated matches)View Details
20241080Rule 11.N One PaddleView Details
20241077Following anywhere in the Rulebook where "Tournament Director" appears alone, amend to include "or designee"View Details
20241076No Game Three End Change When First Game Forfeited Due to Late ArrivalView Details
20241075Edit to formatting onlyView Details
20241057Simplifying the Volley Serving RuleView Details
20241056Defining the end of a Time Out in an Non Refereed MatchView Details
20241055Add Mini-Singles as Sanctioned Event CategoryView Details
20241053Change Rule 4.A.7.c for Proper Volley Serve From Waist to Hip JointView Details
20241047Re-Serve for Early ServeView Details
20241045Line callsView Details
20241042Wheelchair PlayerView Details
2024104013.G.2.a. Paddle ThrowView Details
20241035Incorrect player or positionView Details
20241026Edit for clarityView Details
20241025Rule 5.A.2 Changing Starting Servers Between GamesView Details
2024102410.B.2.a. Medical Time Out make rule consistent with Handbook and Case BookView Details
20241023Easily Visible Starting Server IdentificationView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry