Rule Change Process

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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry
20241212Clarification of Defer Selection for First ChoiceFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241020Clarification of Net Post & Net Wire In/Out of Bounds (Rules 11.K and 11.L)PassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241021Clarification of Rule 6.D.9. Out CallsPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241198Clarification of spectator participation on callsFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241166Clarify "Receiver" for purpose of "Incorrect Receiver"Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2022178Clarify or change Rule 13.G.1. regarding verbal warning for profanity..View Details
20241000Clarify time limit for appeals to the refereeFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2023517Clean up wording of 4.B.6.B to properly differentiate among Starting Server and First Server and correct positionsView Details
20241100Close Rules Gap for CASE 4-23: COIN FLIP TO DETERMINE MATCH WINNERFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241101Close Rules Gap for Case Book CASE 5-23: RESCINDING A REQUESTED MEDICAL TIME OUTFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241102Close Rules Gap for Casebook Case 2-22 - BALL CONTACTS A PLAYERS HATFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241097Close Rules gap for Casebook Case 2-23: BALL ROLLS DOWN THE SURFACE OF A DEFLECTING NETPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241121Close Rules Gap for Casebook Case 3-21 - FAILURE TO CHANGE ENDS AT 6,8 OR 11PassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241120Close Rules Gap for Casebook Case 5-22 - BALL TRAVELS BETWEEN THE NET AND NET POST AFTER LANDINGFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2023526Clothing as a distractionView Details
202236Combine rules about player questions (4.B.8, 4.B.9)View Details
2023392Confirming correct score, server/receiver, positionView Details
20241017Correct Pro Player Positions Before the ServePassedFailedView Details
2023361Court Dimensions for SinglesView Details
202262Deadline for out of position faultsView Details
20241056Defining the end of a Time Out in an Non Refereed MatchFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241133Defining the End of the MatchFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2023360Degraded but not cracked ballView Details
2023399Drop Serve - no propelling down, tossing up, or spinning the ballView Details
2022186Drop Serve (duplicate. See entry 20)View Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry