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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry
2023268Questioning an opponents callView Details
2023539Equipment Time-OutsView Details
2023580clarification of Player Line and FAult Call Responsibilities in non-officiated playView Details
2023567Ambiguous wordingView Details
202340611.H. Items on the Court.View Details
2023295Service foot fault wordingView Details
2023347Player hit by ballView Details
2023219Line call editorial changeView Details
2023526Clothing as a distractionView Details
2023521Guidance on clothing colorView Details
2023325Forfeit game scores for 3/5 matchesView Details
2023336Scoring guidelines for 3/5 match remaining matchesView Details
2024891Allow team to cede a rally after overruling a line judges call to their detriment if they felt the shot was a clear winner and they had no play on the ballPassedPassed with modificationView Details
20241214Rally Scoring for Singles (and Doubles)Hold for further studyPassed with modificationView Details
20241026Edit for clarityPassedPassedView Details
20241102Close Rules Gap for Casebook Case 2-22 - BALL CONTACTS A PLAYERS HATFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241120Close Rules Gap for Casebook Case 5-22 - BALL TRAVELS BETWEEN THE NET AND NET POST AFTER LANDINGFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241035Incorrect player or positionFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20249846.D.12. Who on officiating team can a player overrule a line call to their own disadvantage.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241198Clarification of spectator participation on callsFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241166Clarify "Receiver" for purpose of "Incorrect Receiver"Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2024954Appeal of rally ending shotFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241213Overriding Player Line CallsFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
20241047Re-Serve for Early ServeFailure ConfirmedFailedView Details
2024985Enforce the end of timeouts strictly.Failure ConfirmedFailedView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Vote USAP Rules Committee VoteLink to Single Entry