Rule Change Process

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 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry
20241017Correct Pro Player Positions Before the ServeView Details
2024925Allow coachingView Details
20241189Single Elimination WITHOUT Consolation for Pro and Sr Pro Player tournamentsView Details
202283Edit 6.D.7 ( Calling out balls)View Details
2023521Guidance on clothing colorView Details
2023268Questioning an opponents callView Details
2023524Eliminating the spin serveView Details
2023526Clothing as a distractionView Details
2023527Round robin tie-breaking rule clarification.View Details
2023539Equipment Time-OutsView Details
2023540Time-outs for apparel changesView Details
2023544Wrong score calledView Details
2023295Service foot fault wordingView Details
2023567Ambiguous wordingView Details
2023580clarification of Player Line and FAult Call Responsibilities in non-officiated playView Details
2023325Forfeit game scores for 3/5 matchesView Details
2023581Questions About Service Sequence and Player PositionsView Details
2023334Replay Instead of Fault for Service Motion ViolationView Details
2023336Scoring guidelines for 3/5 match remaining matchesView Details
2023343Serve DefinitionView Details
2023347Player hit by ballView Details
2023360Degraded but not cracked ballView Details
2023399Drop Serve - no propelling down, tossing up, or spinning the ballView Details
202340611.H. Items on the Court.View Details
2023219Line call editorial changeView Details
 Rule Book Year Rule Change ID Rule Submission TitleLink to Single Entry