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985April 11, 2023Walt

Not sure if this is a good idea or not. A non-ready server would get called on a 10-second violation or a server (with or without their partner) gets a point to an empty court. A ref still has 13.C available to aid in their discernment.

985April 26, 2023Kevin

Agree. No need to bring referee discretion or opportunities for players to gain an advantage into the game.

985May 5, 2023Sandy

I do not think this rule needs changed back to what it was before, where you call the time in at exactly 1 minute whether all players are ready or not. The "should be ready" and giving them a little leeway prevents serving to empty courts, and does away with yet another "gotcha" in pickleball. Most players are even ready early, so I don't feel like being stringent on this is necessary.

985May 9, 2023Michael

NOT in favor. Too regimented and not necessary for pickleball. Good game and court management will keep the game moving. "Let's go!" works just fine.

985May 31, 2023Melody

I am not in favor of this change. The referee can ensure that the players get back to playing or they can issue a delay of game penalty. Calling the score to an empty court does not allow for the points to be earned through play on the court. (points earned through TF are still necessary, as they ensure proper behavior)

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment