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982April 1, 2023William

Depending on the proximity of the adjacent court, players attempting an ernie could conceivably enter the adjacent court. If Safety is the main concern, for people entering another court, should an Ernie Ban be considered? Players chasing a ball are looking forward while player jumping to hit an ernie are looking back.

982April 11, 2023Walt

Great idea for safety. It would be a fault then if a hat or visor blew off a player's head and onto an adjacent court. It makes sense about a player going onto an adjacent court. In my PMB, I would cover not chasing a loose ball onto an adjacent court or as otherwise instructed by the head referee. More discussion may be needed to resolve unintended consequences.

982April 11, 2023Joey

The problem here is that there is no control as to when a court presumed to be occupied later will in fact be utilized or not. You don't know this ahead of time, so using this rule in game one, then relaxing it in game two because you know there will no longer be a match on that adjacent court, could be unfair to one of the teams. Either enforce the rule at all times or at none.

982April 17, 2023James

I don't feel this should be implimented. This is hard to think through completely. It is difficult to penalize a player for attempting to make a play that may keep their team in the rally. I realize that safety is paramount. I believe hinder rules for the adjacent court should cover the issue. If still a concern, is there a way to call a replay for the player returning the ball rather than fault? But this seems impractical because it would open up a can of worms and make a referee have to rule as to the validity of a player calling a hinder because he/she is not allowed to attempt a play because of safety. We may need to be sure courts have sufficient space between courts for safety.

982May 31, 2023Melody

I am not in favor of this rule. If courts are close together, a player may inadvertently enter another court while playing a live rally from their own court. This would penalize the player while they are attempting to return a live ball.

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