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963March 26, 2023Nick

Changing the rules in an attemp to force players to play a certain style of pickleball is not good for the sport.

963April 11, 2023Joey

This is unhealthy for the sport. The game will be over before it begins.

963April 25, 2023Chuck

I’m against this. This would be too difficult to keep track of all the situations and resulting score causing too many arguments. It would change the game too much.

963May 1, 2023Georgeann

This would be a scoring nightmare for officials. It would completely change the tenor of the game and make it unrecognizable.
I oppose this proposal.

963May 9, 2023Susan

I am not in favor of changing the traditional scoring system of pickleball at all. Lets keep one of our sport's unique characteristics as the founders intended and not complicate it more.

963May 30, 2023Mark

This rule will only help further exploit the weaker player to the advantage of the stronger one. The game is changing as stronger and better athletes enter the game. Hopefully too many rules won’t be added to try to restore it to what it once was. One of the most frustrating shots in Pickleball is when your opponent’s ball hits the tape and falls over the net into the NVZ for a point. With this new rule, two bonus points will be added for this lucky shot 🙁

963May 31, 2023Melody

I am not in favor of this rule. Every rally won should carry the same point result.

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