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942March 21, 2023Joseph

I totally agree with reverting back to the original let serve rule. The current rule does introduce an element of luck given then differences in permanent nets and portable nets. Redoing a let serve eliminates the luck component.

942March 24, 2023Todd

This proposed change would be a step backward. Should we also make it illegal for the ball to touch the net during rallies? Allowing serves to play on when touching the net improves the flow of play. Player athleticism is such that net serves are often retrieved anyway, and makes more exciting viewing. Pro play should really adopt the current wording of allowing serves to touch the net to eliminate the rather unexciting replay that results from an in serve that happens to touch the net.

The rule as is matches the evolution of other sports too, incidentally. Volleyball eliminated a net touch from being a service fault in a deliberate effort to reduce the number of ticky tack stoppages of play. Appeal of the sport to spectators is another benefit of the current rule - one less reason to stop a rally for a technicality.

942March 29, 2023John

Agree that too many points awarded to server (especially in mid level rec play) when serve contacts net and lands in proper service court. Would very much like to have this returned to being a 'let serve'. Many rec players become distracted and or unable to return serve that make contact with net and land in the court of play.

942April 18, 2023Michael

Please keep the let serve. Luck IS part of the game. Most let serves anyway just tick the net and are playable. There was a good and valid reason why the rule was changed to its current form, and that reason is still valid.

942April 27, 2023Ron

So then are we going to replay every "lucky" shot that barely climbs over the net. Obviously not. Keep the current rule. Issue a technical warning against whomever submitted this proposal.

942April 28, 2023Bill

I believe we should keep the let serve as it exists today. I only feel that we (amateurs) should have the same rules as the pros. It doesn't make sense to have different rules for the pros and amateurs.

942May 11, 2023Gene

No change. Any ball that lands in the service area is "playable" whether altered by the net, the wind, the server's skill, or other factor. Luck is no more a factor in a let serve than a mishit shot that lands on the line. If its in play, its playable. Don't slow down the game.

942May 31, 2023Melody

I do not want the let serve reinstated. At any point a person can hit a short shot against a baseline player. This is part of the sport and players need to adapt to return all types of balls. Reserving a let serve slows down the flow of the game. Please do not accept this rule. Please also enforce this rule for all players. If an amateur can return a let serve then most certainly a Pro player can also return a let serve.

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