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941March 17, 2023Colton

No. The other words are just as clear, and may come to mind more quickly.

941May 30, 2023Marsha

I disagree with the definition of Line Call in rule 3.A.18. The current definition describes an "out call."

A line call is a decision as to whether a ball landed in or out. This is evidenced by the universal question, "What’s the call?" The answer is either "in" or "out." This definition is used by other sports where a determination has to be made whether a boundary line was touched by the object being struck, including tennis, volleyball, and badminton.

Trying to get all players to use the term "out" to make an out call would be virtually impossible since players commonly use other words to indicate "out" in other sports. The confusion regarding "out" calls frequently centers more around not being able to hear a verbal call (usually due to other noises or low voice volume by the player who made the call) or not seeing a hand signal made by a player (as allowed by rule 6.D.9).

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