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930March 24, 2023Todd

I support this change. A paddle that has significant portions that match the ball color is as distracting if not more distracting than matching apparel.

930April 1, 2023William

As the current Rules restrict individuals from altering the face of their paddle, color or graphic restrictions should be part of the manufacturer's approval process. If they are not offered, it removes a possible controversial Tournament Director decision.

930April 28, 2023Bill

I agree with this rule submission. I have just as much trouble picking up the ball from a paddle that matches the ball in color, as compared to the shirt of a player. For safety to all players I would definitely like to see this rule added. I was considering this rule change myself.

930May 8, 2023Kevin

I like the direction of this but feel it is does not have enough teeth. I'd like to see the USAP equipment/paddles standards altered to no approve paddles that are a certain color or brightness level. Obviously current manufactured/sold paddles need to be grandfathered but as currently written you're leaving the decision up to the tournament director's subjective view. The decision needs to be at the USAP level where a test can be used to determine if a paddles is too close to white/light colors making a yellow/green ball difficult to see coming off the paddle. Recently a guy in my group went from a black faced paddle to a white faced paddle. When he uses the white faced paddle it is much more difficult to play against because picking up the ball is difficult. There is all this discussion and testing around delamination because the ball moves faster off a delaminated paddle. Well, if you use a white paddle and it takes your opponent a split second longer to pick up the ball off the paddle that has the same affect as a delaminated black paddle which is that it decreases the time you have to react to the ball.

930May 16, 2023Melody

I also submitted this change so I fully support it. However it may be better placed in 2.E.2.b. As section 2 E covers paddle specifications while 2.G relates to apparel.

930May 16, 2023gene

I submitted change for uniform ball colors. How can you ban a particular paddle color when there is no "official" ball color? The reality that yellow and orange are the most common ball colors for outdoor and indoor play respectively do not make them designated by rule. You cannot have a rule about matching the ball when there is no rule about ball color. Current rule concerning apparel is subject to same issue(s).

930May 20, 2023Matthew

Agree with this proposed change...I believe the color white should be added to illegal paddles in tournaments. The ball coming off white paddles is exceptionally harder to see than darker color paddles.

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