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920March 23, 2023Joey

No. This would be extremely difficult for a referee (or a player), based on viewpoint, to detect the vertical plane of an extension and accurately call this. It is easier to determine that extension when the foot in question is touching the playing surface.

920March 26, 2023Nick

This rule should remain unchanged. The court is a 2 dimensional area. This is in line with the non-volley zone rules which allow use of the space above the nvz.
as long as the surface is not contacted. For referees, it is relatively easy to determine if a foot touches the area outside the side/center line, but adding the foot in the air must also be observed complicates the refs job.

920May 31, 2023Melody

I do not agree with the change. If the placement of feet on the serve needs to be changed then require both feet to be on the playing surface within the service side and center lines.

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