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896March 14, 2023Nancy

This suggestion makes a lot of sense. Defining "Officiating Team" in the rule book will provide clarity for when the phrase is used in the Rulebook. I would reword slightly to read "3.A.XX Officiating Team - personnel including but not limited to Referees and Line Judges.

896March 15, 2023Walt

Great idea! The Team may also include Referee Coordinators as well as new positions that are not yet identified. You might add "include but not limited to...". Venue might be more encompassing than on and off court.

896May 3, 2023Randi

Since when are "Ball Retrievers" part of the Officiating Team? What officiating responsibilities do they have?

Also, many tournaments do not have a Head Referee, so the definition needs some more work if it is necessary to have at all.

Suggestion: 3.A.XX Officiating Team - personnel on or off the playing surface, tasked with presiding over a game or match to help maintain standards of play. They detect infractions and decide penalties according to the rules, and/or arbitrate on matters arising from the play.

896May 30, 2023Marsha

I agree with Randi. If a definition is added, it needs to be generic enough to apply to situations that range from a solo referee to an officiating team consisting of multiple levels of referees and auxiliary assignments, some of which may not yet be identified due to the fast-evolving nature of the sport.

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