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887March 9, 2023Brooke

This is already sufficiently covered by Section 3.E.6. and Appendix D of the 2023 Officiating Handbook.

887March 11, 2023Inga

Rule 13.C.3 is basically the 7 steps in the Pre Match Briefing. Using I M P A L A S...
Introduction is with 13.C.4.e.
Match Format is now with this new rule suggestion
Paddle Inspection is 13.C.4.a.
Abnormalities is 13.c.4.b.
Line Calls is 13.C.4.c.
Appeals process....... missing in this section. However, is it referenced in 13.F.
Any questions... missing as well.
Selection is 13.C.4.d.

13.C.3. states "Before each match begins, the referee MUST:......

Is there a way to incorporate the Appeals process in the new rule suggestion? Then state (See 13.F. Appeals)

887March 14, 2023Nancy

The Officiating Handbook includes this information (Section 3.E.6.) It makes sense to also include it in the Rulebook. I fully support this suggestion.
However, I would give it a separate number. It should be 13.C.4.d and the current 13.C.4.d should become 13.C.4.e., thereby moving the current 13.C.4.e to become 13.C.4.f.

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