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886March 11, 2023Tom

Disagree - an unintentional carry should not be a fault. It’s like an unintentional double hit, which should also not be faulted. A player who in good faith attempts a proper shot should not be penalized. In my opinion an intentional carry is pretty easy to spot. Either way it should be a referee judgement call.

886March 14, 2023Matt

Agreed that generally we should take as much subjectivity out of calls as possible, however in this case, it is very easy to tell whether or not a carry was deliberate because of the difference in a typical unintentional carry (e.g. double hit on a continuous swing where the ball rolls off the paddle) and an intentional carry because of the manipulation required. Strongly against this rule proposal.

886March 20, 2023Brooke

Here, the basis of the argument to remove “deliberately” from Rule 7.L. is that referees are not well-positioned to judge or determine player intent in general. Currently, referees are required and trusted to discern whether a player acts deliberately in a handful of other comparable situations covered by the Rulebook and Officiating Handbook. Some examples include:

Rule 11.A.
Rule 13.G.2.g.
Rule 13.I.3.a.
Section 7.C.1.b.4. of the Officiating Handbook.

While justifiable grounds for removal of “deliberately” from Rule 7.L. may exist, the suggested change should not be made on the basis stated in submission no. 886 due to a lack of consistency with officiating principles reasonably inferable from the current Rulebook and Officiating Handbook.

886March 24, 2023Todd

This is a good change. This brings this ruleset into parity with other rulesets where rule makers are very intentional about getting officials out of the impossible business of judging intent but rather judging the qualities of the contact alone. Volleyball is such a ruleset where the carry/rolling on the body rule had intent removed from it over a decade ago for this same reason.

886March 26, 2023Nick

This rule should stand as is. Unintentional carries are a natural part of the game. In the vast majority of cases, it is not difficult to determine if it was intentional or not.

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