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879March 13, 2023Joey

Where would you have the receiver’s partner stand? Is the server to tell the correct receiver’s partner where to stand so he can serve the ball to the obscured portion of the court? Where would you propose the receiver’s partner stand? The only acceptable place is off the court (i.e. behind the baseline, outside the sideline, etc.). A player just standing in an area of the court that blocks the server’s view of his intended target does not constitute a distraction on its own.

879March 14, 2023Nancy

This is a really bad rule change suggestion. You cannot have the server telling the receiver's partner where to stand. No.

879March 21, 2023Brooke

This submission should fail. For various reasons, it runs afoul of each of the three priorities for a suggested rule change (Rulebook, p.68-69).

879April 22, 2023judy

This could mean that the receivers partner would be required to move out to the side because of the OPINION of the server.. Since servers have so many options as to spin, depth and speed, they shouldn’t be bothered by the receivers partners position, if they are a nuisance, then hit them with the serve. They’ll move.

879May 5, 2023Sandy

This should not pass. There is no reason for someone on one team to have control over where someone on the other team stands.

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