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878March 14, 2023Nancy

Currently in the Casebook, it should now move to the Rulebook. This will be helpful to both players and referees to have it in the Rulebook.

878May 31, 2023Robert

The Code of Tennis established in 1877, is a wonderful historic document related to the conduct and conditions of play on a court, with a net, holding a racquet or paddle, and serve as an excellent starting point rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel. Referencing Tennis’ Rules and Regulations, Part 3 number 36, we suggest removing the “fault” and go to a “let” should a “hinderance” from a ball falling from a player onto the court during a point.

The opponent determines if the ball or any other object is a hinderance to play; in other words a player cannot create or cause their own hinderance. A hindrance would extend to dropping a paddle, losing a hat or sunglasses, a shoe or any other article of clothing or object worn or attached to a player.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment