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872March 11, 2023judy

Absolutely NOT.
Why punish the players who have a very finely tuned LEGAL volley serve?

Right now the drop folks have a distinct advantage when applying spins as they have no rules to follow except the drop itself.
Instead change the volley rule to one criterion: UPWARD MOTION.
Much easier for ref to call.
Eliminate waist, belly button and top of paddle above wrist criteria. Way too difficult to call in real time.

872March 12, 2023HAROLD

This seems to be an overly restrictive rule making the game less pleasurable. In all conditions of a game being played to win, anyone will be as creative as possible in order to get an advantage. That is the nature of fun competition. If a player has an amazingly good serve it is in the nature of games to improve your return or develop a style of returning the serve which negates an advantage the server is trying to get. Please don't punish the players just because they have improved their skills in the game.

872March 13, 2023Elizabeth

I strongly oppose such a rule change. I have played recreational pickleball for 8 years and the volley serve is by far the most popular serve used. I also play and referee in amateur tournaments, and have observed the same majority of serves being the volley serve.
It seems that the issue is with the higher level players, and it would be extremely unfortunate if USA Pickleball decided to become the governing body for the elite players, ignoring what is going on with recreational players, who probably are the bulk of the membership.
I appreciate all you do, but feel most strongly that changing this rule would be a disservice to a large percentage of the membership as well as alienating the majority of players who use the volley serve.
Thank you for your consideration.

872March 13, 2023Todd

There is no difference between the volley serve and drop serve that would prevent a player from learning how to hit the ball as an offensive stroke. When it comes to striking the ball, athletic players will be able to figure out how to use it as a weapon. If the volley serve is becoming closer to a forehand, it is an illegal serve because of the height, of the ball when striking it, or the paddle is above the wrist, which a referee with reasonable eyesight can plainly see. Changing this to make the drop serve the only legal serve will not stop the most athletic players from figuring out how to use it to their advantage. As the game gets more and more popular, we will begin to see more and more athletic players that can just use more pace, spin and keep the ball inside the baseline. My serve is mostly flat with a little topspin, but my serve is very low to the ground and on the upstroke. The pace of play in the game is evolving as shots are getting more and more aggressive, and as players learn to hit lower seemingly non-attackable balls more offensively. In a nutshell, making the drop serve the only legal serve will not make the game more fair. As a racquetball player for years, making low contact from a dropped ball can be a very nasty serve.

872March 14, 2023Valinda

Absolutely not, drop serves are fine for beginners but eventually all players need to learn the traditional serve. Its what makes Picklball different. Keep changing the rules and the original structure of the game and you as well.chamged the name too.

872March 14, 2023Ed

I don't see where this will solve a problem. If the bounce brings the ball back to where the volley serve would be hit, what have you 'solved'?

872March 14, 2023Dayle

I learned of this possible rule change at a referee session that I participate in - I am in training - and was taken aback. I can't imagine having to learn a new serve after years of playing using a volley serve. As a matter of fact, when I started playing there was no such thing as a drop serve. The vast majority of pickleball players are not pro nor even tournament players, although some do competitions such as leagues etc. For all of these people who use a volley serve, most I would guess, I think it would be very unfair to cause them to have to learn a new serve. This rule change seems to me to be totally unnecessary for the vast majority of pickleball players.

Thank you for your consideration!

872March 14, 2023Larry

This is a horrible idea. There are many many more recreational pickleball players than pros, and to change a rule to make officiating easier at the pro level to the detriment of all recreational players is, frankly, stupid.

872March 14, 2023Stan

Love the drop serve. As a player, it allows creativity and is easier to learn. As an instructor, it makes learning and developing the serving skills easier, increases the rate of successful serves, and instills confidence in the learner. As a referee, it is much more efficient to judge the non-legal attributes and enhances the flow of the game to benefit the players.

872March 14, 2023Howard

I agree with the proposed rule change. I play recreational pickleball at many venues on the west coast. So many times I see players make obvious illegal serves, but I stopped saying anything because I got tired of arguing the issue. As for the drop serve I’ve seen players toss the ball slightly upward or push the ball down as they release it. I suggest clearly defining the drop as holding the ball steady and then release without motion.

872March 16, 2023Patrick

NO - This is a terrible proposed rule change. Serves have an extremely low impact on the outcome of a match especially at higher levels of play. Very few points are won off serves and the vast majority are from unforced errors.

872March 17, 2023David

Do not eliminate the volley serve. For those of us who use it and have nearly perfected it to fit our game it will have a great impact. Simply have referees and/or official and monitors enforce the existing rules and make players correct anything that is remotely questionable with their serve.

The drop serve cannot be counted upon for consistency in bounce height due to ball manufacturer and construction, court surface and wind speed.

The volley serve is much more consistent and not influenced by ball construction and court surface.

Changing to a drop serve only will literally change the game for a vast number of players! Keep the volley serve!!

872March 17, 2023Colton

Good change. It would eliminate all the hassle about the volley serve, and the replays, in officiated matches, and the unfairness in unofficiated play, since the receiving team can't challenge in any meaningful way. Making it simpler and avoiding disputes about the let serve was behind the decision to eliminate the let serve, just play it if it is in.

872March 18, 2023Roxanne

volley serve should stay

872March 18, 2023Margaret

I favor this rule change.

872March 18, 2023Gale

I am opposed the the drop ball serve. Why change traditional players when they have been taught the traditional serve and not the drop ball serve. There are more traditional players than pro players. Changing the serve to a drop ball serve after you have been playing with the volley serve will take a long time and is unnecessary.

872March 19, 2023Chic

Totally agree & have said for a while that the drop serve should be mandatory.

872March 19, 2023Michael

Terrible suggested Rule Change! The Underhand Volley Serve is of the essence of the Game. Likewise, as with other Official Calls, the Benefit of the Doubt goes to the Opponent. What does this mean? If the Serve is questionable, then call a Fault!

And, as the sport evolves, the Serve could easily evolve in to an overhead serve, please refer to the links below...
https://www.nmlpickleball.com/recaps/ppa-takeya-showcase-5-takeaways-the-wright-stuff/, (see number 3)
https://twitter.com/nmlpickleball/status/1593468572684386306?s=46&t=atzy6iOZlkSVXK4WIyPBag I saw this happen, real-time, and Jay Devilliers, was somewhat justified in his actions...
"This situation also pointed out the absurdity of the PPA’s rules, that an illegal serve is just a re-serve because, in reality, Jay could have just repeatedly served illegally infinitely. It should be noted the ref allowed a clearly illegal serve or two go uncalled, probably because they didn’t want to keep calling the awkward re-serve. Jay, unfortunately, was on full tilt, and he did not have many serve opportunities in the second game here, but it would have been fascinating to see this play out over a longer match. It is also a reminder, that given current rules, perhaps all PPA players should be pushing the limits with their serves more, because there is no actual penalty for an illegal serve."

Regarding Tyson McGuffin's and Lea Jansen's Serves... At times, both of their Serves are clearly Illegal, as they both do not hit the ball in a upward motion, and it appears that their serves are above the waist and that the paddle is above their wrists.

As the USA Pickleball rulebook states at Section 4.A.5
(a) The server’s arm must be moving in an upward arc at the time the ball is struck.
(b) The highest point of the paddle head must not be above the highest part of the waist (where the wrist joint bends) when it strikes the ball.
(c) Contact with the ball must not be made above the waist.

The Drop Serve (and the Overheas Server) are not where Pickleball needs to evolve...

872March 19, 2023Peyton

Please do not require drop serves. my standard serve is a very high arc lob serve which would be nearly impossible if I had to drop the ball onto the ground first. It is obvious to see if my type of serve is accomplished by hitting the ball either below or above my waist. If the volley serve s modified, please to not outlaw my type serve.

872March 19, 2023Cathy

I think this is a GREAT rule change and will level the playing field on serves.
Thank you!

872March 20, 2023Kathy

Personally, I like having a choice and I can control my volley serve better than my drop

872March 21, 2023Leonard

I disagree with the proposed rule requiring the drop serve as the only valid serve type. Most pickleball players serve the ball out of their hand, and this would require a significant change for the vast majority of players. Most players serve the ball out of their hand in a legal manner. It does not make sense for the sport to penalize the vast majority to accommodate the very few who serve illegally on occasion.

872March 21, 2023Joseph

Eliminate the drop serve from competitions to be consistent with pro competitions. Ok to teach beginners to get the serve in.

872March 21, 2023Michael

A drop server automatically places shorter players at a distinct disadvantages due to the laws of physics(3rd), which shorter players cant control. Basically shorter players cant drop the ball at the same height as taller players and will result in a much lower bounce off the playing surface than a much taller player will have.

872March 21, 2023Sandy

A big "NO". Rules that change the integrity of the game are not needed. The volley serve is part of the game, and has been used and taught for ages. The drop serve is good for beginners, or those experiencing the "yips", to have an option to the volley serve, but should not be the only serve used. As a player, instructor, and referee, I do not wish to see this rule implemented.

872March 22, 2023kevin

Very much in favor of this rule change, let's end all the rumors, insinuations about people not having legal serves, all that BS. Make it bounce serve only and then there is NO DOUBT.

Right now the most common comment when someone asks about a legal serve is to video and then freeze frame the video. It shouldn't require a freeze frame video to make a decision on whether a rule is broken.

872March 29, 2023James

At this point I think we have 2 choices. One would be to remove all restrictions on the serve. I say this because I see many questionable volley serves at the pro level. If the pros can't get it right, then there is little hope for the rest of us. The other choice is similar to the first, and that is to use the drop serve. It eliminates most issues because you only have to make sure the ball is dropped . One restriction - drop the ball - and then anything goes. I know there will still be some subjectivity around arm movements, but it would still be simpler to judge than the current volley (folly?) serve. It is also much easier to teach to new players, and easier for them to learn.

I am biased, because I use the drop serve exclusively. I can do quite a bit with it (forehand, backhand, spin, lob, drop, etc...), and I occasionally get some aces in. I think it is more than sufficient.

872March 31, 2023Jane

I strongly disagree with this rule change. Volley serve is effective and should not be discriminated against. Perhaps the refs just need more training and so do pickleball players.

872March 31, 2023Marianne

I don’t agree at all with this proposed rule change. If approved, this change will ruin serving for those of us who have a serve that is currently legal and a first-line offensive weapon. Some people can dink, some people can drive the ball and some people can successfully & legally serve the ball and make points. Why make using this skill illegal for those of us who have purposely developed it? It’s a competitive sport. Let’s keep it that way.

872April 1, 2023William

The volley service rules cannot be enforced, as currently written, in rec play and are not enforced in tournament play, except in egregious circumstances. The difference between a one-degree upward arc and a one-degree incline plane is indistinguishable but the difference in ball trajectory is noticeable. Likewise, with the hand speed of todays pro, referees cannot say if a player's paddle is above their wrist, (or "waist") at contact. Additionally, while pre-serve spin has been banned, the current rules say nominal spin is acceptable. By making the drop serve the only serve, all that has to be looked at is the release.

872April 23, 2023Dave

I have a strong volley serve so, as a player, I don't like this proposed change. However as a referee, I would prefer the drop serve only. It is easier to spot a serve violation with the drop serve. The volley serve keeps getting higher and the referees aren't calling potential violations due to the difficulty in confirming the paddle above the wrist.

872April 26, 2023Kevin

Unfortunately I have to agree with you. Not because I prefer the drop serve but because the officials refuse to call out illegal serves and if they do it's just a replay. IMO the biggest abuse is not the serve above the waist but part of the paddle above the wrist which essentially is a forehand serve. Players are continually and intentionally serving side arm and in no time because it is never called every player will use the side arm serve. In addition, in the current rules, in a non-officiated match your opponent could serve overhead and you are not allowed to dispute the serve. The bounce serve just takes all judgement out of the serve.

If you are in favor of the volley serve staying please see (and support) the suggestion to move the contact point from the waist to the hip joint. That will help the abuse a little as it is easier to identify the hip joint, it is lower (6" or so) below the waste, and will make side arm forehands more difficult.

872April 28, 2023Bill

I disagree we should keep the volley serve but it does need to be better defined. Some of the illegal serves of the pros need to be enforced.

872May 1, 2023Andrew

I am in agreement with this rule change, I know there is pushback from players with a good strong drop serve but the intent of the serve was to start the game, not to weaponize the serve. I have a very strong serve that follows the rules but I would give this up to eliminate this controversy. I see players all the time in rec play breaking this rule, especially having the paddle above the wrist. I coach and this is an extremely difficult habit to get the players to break. Even after they are told and want to correct this they end up still serving illegally. I also see the issue at the pro level, players like Tyson have an extreme serve that is impossible to tell if it is illegal or not. I once played with another player with a strong serve and to me it was pretty obvious it was illegal, when I brought it up, I got a nasty remark that his serve was deemed legal and he had not been called out in tournaments. Removing this rule eliminates all this controversy of where the paddle was when the ball was struck.

872May 1, 2023Andrew

I am in agreement with this rule change, I know there is pushback from players with a good strong drop serve but the intent of the serve was to start the game, not to weaponize the serve. I have a very strong serve that follows the rules but I would give this up to eliminate this controversy. I see players all the time in rec play breaking this rule, especially having the paddle above the wrist. I coach and this is an extremely difficult habit to get the players to break. Even after they are told and want to correct this they end up still serving illegally. I also see the issue at the pro level, players like Tyson have an extreme serve that is impossible to tell if it is illegal or not. I once played with another player with a strong serve and to me it was pretty obvious it was illegal, when I brought it up, I got a nasty remark that his serve was deemed legal and he had not been called out in tournaments. Removing this rule eliminates all this controversy of where the paddle was when the ball was struck.

872May 8, 2023Leonard

Agree with the proposal to have only drop serve, but need to modify "4.A.8.b. The ball shall not be propelled (thrown) downward or tossed or hit upward with the paddle or any part of the server's body" as to allow hit upward with the paddle not higher than shoulders' level.
This will give the equal playing opportunities to those handicapped players who are having difficulties to drop or toss the ball because they have only one functional arm or hand.

872May 9, 2023Susan

I disagree with this proposed rule change, let's keep the essence of pickleball as it was designed with the "original" volley serve and scoring. The addition of the drop serve was initiated for those who benefited from having an alternative style or had the yips, and has been well received yet is not comfortable effective or desired by many players who have been playing several years with the one and only serve style. The majority of players in recreation (who are the majority of ALL pickleball players) and at tournaments use the volley serve only and many like having the flexibiliy of using either style. What we need are more teachers and coaches who can explain and demonstrate proper components & form of both serves vs promoting pickleball as a sport you can learn in one hour, just stay behind the line, drop a ball, hit is over the net and past the NVZ and then play without any further guidance of skills which builds bad habits, improper form and challenges for those who want to learn the proper way to play. Lets keep pickleball for the majority, not make rule changes based on the pros and TV.

872May 17, 2023PAUL

Agree with a rules change. Drop serve can eliminate the questioning of illegal serves which happen all the way up to the pro level. The game keeps evolving, just have to keep up!

872May 21, 2023George

Another big NO here. I agree with all of the negative comments above and would ADD that when the drop serve was put in FIRST as a trial and then as a true alternate serve WE were assured that this would NOT impact the traditional serve and was NOT the camels nose under the tent to eliminate the volley serve.
So much for truthfulness.

872May 23, 2023Ed

I disagree with the proposed service change and would rather like to see the current service rules enforced, yes even to the professionals. As a recreational player [as the majority of pickleball players are] for many years, I don't see the real need for the mandate. This proposed change sounds like it is being presented because the officials do not like to challenge improper serves. I think it should remain as an "option" and nothing more. Thanks.

872May 30, 2023Mark

Eliminating the volley serve will only further disadvantage the weaker players. The stronger player will still be able to hit a very aggressive and offensive serve using the drop technique while will the weaker player will not. Furthermore, the stronger player will now have an additional advantage of returning a much weaker serve from their disadvantaged opponent. The game is changing as stronger and better athletes enter the sport. Changing the rules in an attempt to balance the playing field will only hurt the game.

872May 30, 2023Ken

When I first heard this it sounded like a good idea. But it's pretty radical, eliminating a common shot in the game. 80-85% of serves are volley serves and most are legal. For referees, we'll do our best to enforce the current rules for the volley serve.

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