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63June 22, 2021Marsha

The traditional method of scoring is one of the features that makes pickleball unique and perfectly challenging, It may take some players more time to grasp the method than others, but it is does not prevent them from immediately enjoying the game and they eventually learn the system. There is nothing wrong with the traditional scoring method so I don't see a need to change it. However, when time is of the essence, rally scoring can be used as a variation.

63June 25, 2021Jameson

I’ve only tried rally point scoring once, in a king of the court type of scenario. Players found it confusing to who is serving and how people switch sides, also adding points to the score of the side that was not serving but won the rally.

I like the idea of rally points scoring, as the OP suggests it makes a more consistent time for games, and adds excitement and speed. I do however think it needs careful simulation and refinement on how serving and scoring works in the rally scenario. One advantage in side out scoring is that everyone gets a chance to serve fairly consistently, and it’s fairly easy to track who’s service it is.

I think clarity in the rules should be around who serves after a side out, which side do they serve from, how do players change sides, do sides get second serves. Best of three games, rotate after each game.

63June 25, 2021Sam

I believe clarification is needed about whether service switches to the other team member each time a team gains possession of the ball for serving or if one team member continues to serve for the entire game. Also, whether service during a possession always starts from the right side of the court or starts from whichever side the designated server is currently on.

63June 25, 2021Kevin

No, No, No, No and No.

As a former volleyball player that played before and after the change to rally scoring this dramatically changes the game. Pickleball is a game of momentum. Scoring only when a team serves preserves the ability for the comeback. Rally scoring essentially removes momentum and largely lead changes. With rally scoring (games to 11 or 15) when one team gets up by 3 or 4 points the game is essentially over as it is extremely hard using rally score to come back. If rally score is implemented there will be no more teams that come back from being down 1-9 or 2-8.

If rally score were to ever be implemented the minimum game should be to at least 25 to allow for momentum shifts and it would be even better if it were played to 31. Rally score should never be "win by 1" as that allows a tie game to win on a serve receive.

63June 26, 2021Bill

The proposal is for a radical change to the sport. Perhaps a better approach would be to start a new sport (with a different name) using the proposed changes and see if the community likes the new sport.

63June 26, 2021Meri

Hmmm. Not sure i like this change. 2 servers each side is fun. This changes score calling, I like the current system.

63June 27, 2021Robert

I agree with this proposal 100%. Side out scoring is the most confusing rule in pickleball. Rally point scoring is simpler and more fair. Why shouldn't whichever team wins s rally get a point. Let's follow the example of volleyball and badminton and adopt rally scoring.

63July 16, 2021Praveen

I totally agree with all the points outlined above. Plus the beauty of our sport is its inclusiveness to all skill level, age, socioeconomic status / very accessible financially compared to many other sports. And the biggest related reason is because it’s so popular with people waiting on the sidelines, you can end games quicker & rotate in faster so more inclusive that way, too.

63July 17, 2021Mary

COORDINATOR PLEASE NOTE: I tried to change Rule ID to 63 re: Rally Point Scoring (RPS) but form would not let me change the No. 7. (Mary - Victoria, BC)
My comments re: RPS are: I would like to see Pickleball move to rally point scoring as the standard primarily because to me it seems more fair for whoever wins a rally to receive a point.

63July 19, 2021david

The rally point should be adapted as soon as possible. The advantage is obvious. I think the pickleball is the only sport stuck in the past and did not keep up with time. I'm glad to see that the association is ready to move forward.

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